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on Display of Dominance

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Oh wow that sounds intense and amazing to see. The picture of the Plains Camp male is chilling – he looks a bit possessed. The Lion dynamics are sure interesting right now!

Senior Digital Ranger

I saw the very same thing. He looks absolutely insane! Beautiful pictures and intense accounting.

The Plain Camp males appear to have higher testosterone levels, their behaviour looks more aggressive when compared to other lions. I keep in mind that they killed the lone Tsalala mother, while she only had her daughter to protect. Instead of considering her as a future partner they chose the worse. They may well become formidable warriors to protect their future cubs but also potential lion killers… Time will tell. After all, unfamous lion killers such as Mapogos or Majingilane dominated their prides for quite a long time. This is the survival of the fittest… Personally I did like the Othawa male and Birmingham males. Are Othawa offspring still alive?

Just one female cub remaining with the Mhangeni pride

It seems they may have actually met up later because both the Avoca male and one son had bite marks as well as one PC had scratches on his eye and the other was said bro have some other visual indications of it. Very thankful that no one was seriously harmed.

Wow, what an exciting event!
So the Northern Avoca Male has really been lucky to have been able to escape.
These two Plains Camp Males look aggressive. If newcomers like them arrive in the territory of a pride, do the females have, so to speak, no say in the matter? Would the males only have fought with the Avoca male?
Really interesting, these meetings between different coalitions of male lions.

Breathtaking lion dynamics!

Yikes! Dark Mane Avoca and the Talamatis need to be very very careful! The PCM are quite fearless and want to take over the world!

That sounds like a very exciting interaction. Glad they were content to claim the carcass, and no fighting was necessary, for the safety of all lions involved.

Oh my word Patrick that must of been so exciting to see this whole episode of the Avoca male and lionessess feeding and then hearing the Plains Camp roaring . Just look at them salivating and wanting to find the Avoca male and lionessess. Actually quite scarry because you never know when the huge fight is going to occur for domi nace. You had quite an afternoon full of thrills and excitement.

Senior Digital Ranger

We saw something like that on the WildEarth drive! But it was the S8 male! Dark Mane and the Talmati’s beat feet as fast as they could when he showed himself! It was awesome to see even on a laptop!

Wow Patrick, this is an exciting blog today. Watching the two Plains Camp males come charging into the area, looking for the other lions had to have made your heart race a bit. Your accompanying photos illustrate very fit adults and sub adults. The dynamics seem to be changing weekly in and outside the Londolozi borders, so I guess it’s just a matter of time before the Ndhzengas, Plains Camp and Avoca males test one another. Who knows, there may be other challengers waiting in the wings as well…..

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for this post I love hearing about the lion dynamics

Interesting blog Patrick. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to bringing us the lion Dynamics in our home apparently these Camp males are looking to expand their territory and will eventually drive out or kill the Advoc males I don’t particularly care for these Camp males because they killed my favorite lioness the Tsalala Queen and now her daughter the Princess is alone to survive by herself but I do understand thats lion dynamics and natures roll who survives and I do thank you for the updates of lion dynamics thank again for sharing

Wow Patrick, what a story. The lions of Londolozi never disappoint in their intensity. It will be interesting to continue to monitor the different prides. Thanks for sharing.

Master Tracker

Excitement with the lions, wished I had seen it.


Incredible encounter and sighting Patrick! Thanks for posting with the brilliant photos!

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