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on 7 Days of Nature’s Gifts: Day 6 – A Gratitude Meditation

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Hi Amanda, I totally agree, leopards are incredibly beautiful and the Nhlanguleni female has such emerald green eyes… an utmost shining star for Christmas

Dear Londolozi Family,

Just about now, my husband and I should have been settling into our Londolozi accommodations and readying ourselves for sharing the holidays (and a rather significant “round” birthday) with you. Regrettably, this Omicron variant brought our plans to a sudden halt and we now can only hope things will normalize in short time so that our re-booking in June will go forward. Like so many others whose plans have had to change, we are not just disappointed for ourselves, but for the owners, managers and hard-working staff like you who put their hearts and souls into delivering a unique South African wildlife experience to the world. We pray that these set-backs will eventually turn around and that we’ll all come out of the pandemic stronger and more appreciative of the things we might previously have overlooked or taken for granted. Perhaps this experience will ultimately remind us that our co-existence both with humans and animals is a delicate and precious commodity to be treasured, protected and preserved. While we wait this round of Corona out here in our wintry Switzerland, we tease ourselves with your amazing blogs and photographs, and count the days until we will be there for our very upfront and personal Londolozi experience. In the meantime, we thank you for sharing your stories in such a warm, meaningful way. It’s the next best thing to being there!

We send our best wishes for a very happy holiday, good health to each and all of you, and a return to prosperity in 2022. Stay safe and, fingers crossed/thumbs pressed, we’ll see you in June!

Leslie and James Gut

Thank you so much for this comment Leslie and James. As always, we are devastated that you couldn’t travel to come and visit us, but we will always be here waiting for your return. I am so glad that we could help you stay connected.

Amazing photos of leopards!

I agree with Matt that the more time you spend in the bush, the more you appreciate what you have been observing. There is nothing in this world that compares to nature and the intricacies that it bares. Forsure only those that truly understand the bush can receive the language of the bush and all that it shares . I share your love for the leopard, which for me is also the most beautiful animal in the world.

Thank you Amanda for the gratitude meditation, providing 14 beautiful minutes to become one with nature, a special daily gift. I was immediately transported to the bush, opening up to nature’s symphony.
Matt, it was interesting to read your story of how trying to find leopards eventually brought you to the place where looking and listening to nature will guide you to them – beautiful images also!!

Lovely lunar moth drawing!

Amanda, Once again, you have created a truly unique and beautiful experience! We enjoyed the meditation and it brought us back to the special mindfulness and animal wisdom challenges that we used so successfully in the depths of lockdown in the pandemic. Thanks for always keeping us focused on our surroundings and the beauty that surrounds us in so may ways every day. Happy New Year!

This is such a wonderful comment to read, Michael and Terri – thank you for sharing with me.

Amanda & Matt – a really nice blog. I think we all need to have some gratitude for all that we have. We have had a rough 2 years throughout this pandemic, however, every day I say how blessed I feel I am for all the things I have and so few have. I am not a rich person, I am a senior, and, I appreciate my surroundings and am thankful for them. Thank you very much for sharing with us. I wish to share a video with you that I really love and watch quite often. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSt7k_q_qRU

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