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Chris was born and raised in the Kwa-Zulu/Natal Midlands where his family inspired his early passion for the natural world. Exploring Southern Africa as he grew up, this passion was allowed to develop and his curiosity to expand. After high school, Chris spent ...

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on The Pink Pouch – Was it Worth it?

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I am always thrilled when we get a chance to see the wild dogs! It is so great to watch them go from probably one of the most successful hunters to resembling puppies playing. I agree it was worth it to call Frank to have enjoyed those wonderful moments! Victoria

Very true, Victoria! They are as entertaining when hunting as they are when playing.

Life is filled with rewards and blunders! Pink is a good color, better luck next time.

Absolutely worth it, wild dogs are my favourite what an amazing experience, all of it!…pink is a great colour 😜

Chris, What a great story! We think the ending was worth it! Being surrounded by a pack of wild dogs playing in the river must have been legendary for you and your guests! Long live the Pink Pouch!!

Thank you Michael and Terri. It was unforgettable!

Senior Digital Ranger

Great story! Dogs or pink pouch?? I’d take the pouch everytime!!

Fascinating reading about these very private predators!

Do guests stick around or on the stuck vehicle while it’s being rescued, or does someone else come to shuttle them off? I’m sure it’s all part of the experience, and in this case I’d agree it was worth it.

It depends on the circumstances, Chelsea. Fortunately on this day we were quite close to the camp so Frank didn’t have to come from too far to rescue us and so we didn’t have too long a wait.

Oh Chris so sorry to hear you got stuck and now have to wear that dreaded pink pouch. Rest assured with the rains coming you won’t be wearing it for to long. Then you can look on when a new Ranger and Tracker get stuck and have to wear that pouch. Nevertheless the foto’s of the wild dogs are spectacular playing in the water.

Fortunately I have already passed on the pouch to Guy who managed to get stuck a few days ago after some heavy rains!

Two years ago, my partner and I were on a game drive with Ranger Kevin Power and Tracker Ray. We got stuck in a dry wash, and Kevin was moaning about the dreaded pink pouch. Well, my partner and I couldn’t have Kevin subjected to such an indignity so we piled out of the Landrover and helped Kevin and Ray push and pull till we got unstuck. Success!

Thats great to hear that you were willing to give Kev and Ray a hand! All in the spirit of the safari adventure!

Well Chris, I think you’ve argued the case very well that your pink pouch was really a badge of honour in this instance! – certainly it was worth it. Are there any rangers there (apart from very new ones) that have never had it?
By the way, it was lovely to meet you last week , I always enjoy your blogs.

Thanks Suzanne, it was great to meet you too.
I think just about every ranger that has been here longer than a year has, at some stage, held the pink pouch! It gets passed around quite a lot in the rainy season.

By the way, were you able to identify that gecko I showed you a photo of? – I think you said it was thick-legged and the name began with a B…..

Yes, I believe it was a Bibron’s thick toed gecko.

100% worth it!!!

What a funny story! Very amusing. I liked the pictures of the wild dogs playing in the river with one another like pups.

Just love seeing Byron with that pink pouch!! I am passing this on to WildEarth viewers……Byron is such a delightful person and guide!

Poor Chris! However, I also think it must have been worth it. You could show it proudly around having given so much pleasure and great photographic opportunities to your guests. And it was just bad luck that your vehicle came in third so you had less choice.

Digital Tracker

Haha, great story! It would have been a beautiful sighting and well worth it!

Haven’t had a similar experience but did watch a flat tire being changed after following a pride of lions.

What an incredible sighting. Well worth the pink pouch in my opinion.

Chris, from the viewpoint of a guest, you absolutely made the right decision and I am sure those onboard guests agreed with that call. But wearing the PP is a mild price to pay for all the great photos you and those guests undoubtedly got! Sorry for that but you live there and we only get to visit. Isn’t there a round of drinks or something more than just the PP involved? Also, folks might not realize that you have to “sport” the PP until it is “awarded” to the next recipient … which sometimes is mere moments but can go on for months at a time!

Wear the [pink pouch proudly Chris. It obviously happens to the best of rangers. You got to see the wild dogs and you had a happy bunch of guests to boot. Thanks for sharing with us.

What a wonderful story! Spectacular sighting!! I had love to be on board your Land Rover to see the wild dogs playing like that! Even if it had the risk to get stuck! Even if we did get stucked! You were rewarded with a beautiful and fantastic memory that joy will remain for ever and the pink will fade away! It was defintily worth it!

Judging only by the photos you were able to take, which manage to capture such energetic playfulnesses and speed…
My opinion would have been yes.

Senior Digital Ranger

ha ha ha ha Don’t feel too bad! As you said: Anyone who has worked off-road in southern Africa has had to deal with similar situations. I remember getting stuck in the thick sand on the Botswana/South Africa border when we were evaluating the Morokweng meteorite impact structure. Had to use large pieces of cardboard to get ourselves out. Dion Brandt was really good at that.

Well Chris, as they say, “no risk, no gain”! The pink pouch can be viewed as a badge of honor, for those who push the limits in the quest for a fantastic sighting. I’ll keep it positive 😎. Your images are amazing, so much action and I’m sure your guests were thrilled-so no big deal for the minor inconvenience of being stuck. Once in the Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana, we were stuck in a hole, hidden by tall grass and had to be towed out. No matter, great time to look for the leopard hiding in the tree. We didn’t see it but had fun trying!

What a great way to find yourselves with the pink pouch Chris..I’m sure it won’t be long before someone takes it from you and it will be your turn to tease them unmercifully 👌🏻😉❤️. Fabulous photos and I’m sure your guests were super chuffed with theirs and enjoyed retelling the day to their friends and family back home !

Definitely worth the pink pouch and I am sure someone else will be claiming it soon! Thanks for the great photos!

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