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Roxy is the secret behind anything design-orientated that happens at Londolozi. A brilliant artist, some of her drawings defy belief, and her work can be seen in almost every facet of the lodge's day-to-day workings, from event posters to the simple tweaking of ...

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on The Nature of Creativity

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Roxy, I loved all the photos🤗

Thank you, Joan!

Well written blog Roxy, you have deffinetly got it right. A person needs to slow down and just breathe the fresh air in and relax. Most certainly one must have something you can create in your down time. Being it drawing, or whatever you do to relax is a form of creating, it makes you happy and joyful and is so important.

Thank you, Valmai! There are so many different creative outlets – I think it is so important to find what works for you and make time for it as often as possible.

I forgot to say how beautiful your drawings are Roxy, keep that up. I like to crochet, do tatting and to read. I am know learning how to do quilling, enjoy it very much.

I love your post Roxy! Adding to what you said above, I’ve found endless creative opportunities in competitive sports, most successfully when not “trying” to win. Also, I’ve found that a committed meditation practice supports a suspension of self-consciousness that often blocks creativity! Thanks again for this wonderful post!

Thank you for commenting, Paul – it is fantastic to see how everyone has a different release. What kind of competitive sports do you play? It is crucial that we learn to let go of that pressure we so often put on ourselves to achieve perfection, or to win – then we can really begin to get into the creativity!

Agreed Roxy!!! I’m tennis player and downhill racer, or I should say I was in terms of competitions. I most just play and ski for fun, but occasionally get cajoled into something more “serious”! You post though, is absolutely apropos is my professional life, as I am a chef, own my own restaurant, and am in the design phase of my next one! I know, in a pandemic when your first restaurant can’t yet be open for indoor dining?!!!! And even my work is highly creative, this world is also highly competitive. All the more reason to listen to your excellent advice and do some creative things not related to work!! Thanks again, and all the best!

Wonderful advice, Roxy. And your draft images are eye-catching.

Thank you for the kind words, Willa!

Wonderful drawings . Thanks for your article that encourages people to more creativity. I think I will try it out.

Fantastic, Christa – let us know how it goes!

Roxy your drawings are incredible, please can we see more!! Well done, absolutely love the loose and simple style!

I appreciate that, Sherry – thank you!

Thank you Roxy for these encouraging words. From my experience, pen, pencil just doesn’t work but using a camera and cooking utensils, I feel my creativity bloom.

That is great to hear, Denise – have you tried combining the two and photographing your culinary creations? That could be fun!

Hi Roxy….loved your concept of taking a deep breath and pencil and paper…taking the time and drawing something you see and enjoy….one doesn’t have to be a Cezanne to feel the pleasure that drawing can bring….so relaxing…takes all the stress away!……and suddenly you’re living “in the moment,”!….we all need some of that at times, that’s for sure!.. thank you….

You’re welcome Pauli, and I couldn’t agree more! Being good at it has nothing to do with it – how it makes you feel is what’s important.

This is creative 😉

Excellent advice – I took to painting and can spend hours lost in it!

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