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Robbie developed a passion for the African bush from many visits to his family’s small holding in a greater conservancy just outside Johannesburg. Living in the big city his whole life, he always found refuge in the outdoors and has grown to appreciate ...

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on The Week in Pictures #492

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Beautiful all around including the images and the writing. The story of the Othawa male was touching and powerful. What a privilege to live and work where you do. The top of my dream list is to visit with you all and walk on this very special ground under the hot African sun, listen to the birdcall and take deep breaths. Thank you. P.S. I do worry about you all walking around finding lion prides, leopards and hippos, etc. I know my fears are based on television and movie myths, but still…you have earned my respect!

I hope to be able to share your dream with you one day, Theresa. We make sure to always maintain the highest respect for the lions, leopards and hippos that you speak of, as well as all other animals, so as to keep ourselves safe, and them too!

Robbie, thanks for the Lion update! Of course we are sad to hear of the demise of the majestic Othawa male, but we’re happy to hear of the five cubs being found!!

You’re welcome, Michael. We too are extremely happy about rediscovering the lion cubs!

Beautiful foto’s of all the animals. I am still upset about the Othawa Male lion that was killed by the Birmingham male lions. But that is nature and he did tresspass into their territory. Very glad to see the Ntsevu lioness and her five cubs are all alive and well. Gorgeous foto of the cubs. Can’t help to love the elephants drinking water, they usually love playing in the water and it’s always wonderful to see. Mr hippo lets everyone know that the pool of water belongs to him. The different kingfishers are a pleasure to watch.

I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, Valmai.

Never underestimate the power of the elder… nevertheless the Othawa male will be remembered. The lion cubs are a consolation! Great pictures, like the previous post I love the giraffe in particular but all are very beautiful. The sunset is magnificent

I’m glad you enjoyed the photos, Francesca!

Had hoped to see the Othawa male one more time in a few weeks.

Senior Digital Ranger

Hey Robert! Another wonderful compilation of pictures for the week! Love the picture of the Pied Kingfisher. I don’t know what it is about it. Maybe the lone opportunity of seeing it unexpectedly in flight presented to you by the Universe at the perfect time? And da squirrel. It’s like you feel yourself being there out in nature in the breeze.
Lastly, It goes without saying that the highlight of the week is seeing the Ntsevu cubs alive and well! Their “Tame-like” stable interest towards you humans and the Landrover is just purely “Wugga-Wugga” cuteness! I too pray that they are able to live long lives. (btw, which male lions sired them? .. as you mentioned that the Othawa was no longer a threat..)

We are always grateful for unexpected surprises present to us by the universe, like you say! It is most likely the Birmingham male/s that sired these cubs.

Master Tracker

So sad for the Othawa male, one single male lion , but time must be catching up with the Birmingham Males

What a shame that the death of the beautiful Othawa lion is a confirmed fact. However, that’s nature. And the cute cubs of the Ntsevu pride are fine, which is great, of course.
Great photos! Thanks for sharing them every week.

You’re welcome, Christa. I’m glad you enjoyed them!

Great photos. I’m going back to Londolozi in a couple of weeks. It’s been far too long between visits.

We look forward to welcoming you back David!

Great news about the Ntsevu cubs, Robert. I’m also excited to hear Ndzanzeni and her 2 cubs are being seen more often (still waiting for some photos!) Is she still down in Dudley – and any idea of the sex of the cubs?

If im honest, “More often” is a relative phrase, they have still proven difficult to find! We arent sure about the gender of the cubs yet

..and What a week it has been Robbie ! Tragic news of the Othawa Male, have to say the Birmingham males are looking a little tattered for their encounter. Non the less they are back on the winning Street and it’s just wonderful to have the Ntsevu female with 5 gorgeous cubs and no aggression as such, for their safety from now on…. crossing fingers there…🙏🏻. That stunning photo you took of the winters morning by the Sabi River speaks of quiet and stillness ..perhaps this coming week will be a reflection of that 💕

Terrible sadness and lovely happiness in one short week. I was really hoping to see Othawa this year. But those 5 sweet teddy cubbies take some of the sting out of his loss.

Well, I believe we all knew it was just a matter of time before the Othawa male was confronted by the Birmingham males as his presence in their territory was becoming too regular. I’m sad at the loss of this magnificent male but impressed by the experience and strength of the two older males working together to insure their pride’s safety. The cubs are safe for now….. truly enjoyed your other photos, especially the giraffe image shot in high key.

Thank you, Denise. I’m glad you enjoyed them!

Liondynamics…………. I am sorry that the Othawa male is gone, but happy that the cubs have more chances of growing up now. And…………. that tiny dwarf mongoose, I love them!!!

Always sad to lose a lion, but great to find the cus alive and well! I love the misty mornings of fall, and I ale

Brilliant week in photos Robert!!

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