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on 7 Things You Need to Know About Wild Dogs

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Wild dogs are my most favourite predator. We do not see them often but when we do it is such a treat knowing how endangered they are. We had the privilege to see them hunt and kill. Regurgitating meat for their pups. Heard them barking when a hyena got to close. Running through the bush. Lying in the road where we could watch them early morning. Lovely blog Pete. They are special animals.

What a treat, Marinda! That is a very rare sighting you had. I’m glad you have the sentiments about wild dogs that I do

We always feel blessed to see the wild dogs. To watch them in action, whether it is socialization or heading out to hunt is absolutely amazing. They move so fast and work so well together. And no one seems to be more efficient or faster than a pack of dogs in cleaning up a carcass! Thanks for sharing an informative article,
Peter. I will be watching for the ‘sneeze’ next time!

Thank you so much for doing a blog about The Wild African Dogs i absolutely love them and find them very fascinating and interesting. I think they’re beautiful! Please more about them this new year would be wonderful.

Truly fascinating facts Pete. I remember seeing my first wild dogs in Chobe in 1996, after being told that many of them had died due to a disease circulating among the packs. Regardless, they were beautiful and actively hunting. I find them exciting to observe as they are quite active, even at rest. The non-relationship between them and hyenas makes me smile. While in the Moremi Reserve this past year, we watched a single hyena try to infiltrate a pack in the hopes of joining their “kill” journey in order to reap the benefits. The dogs failed in their attempt to take down an impala and the hyena slinked off….. have to love watching animal behavior. It’s good to know the dogs are thriving in Londolozi. Thank you for your report.

As per #7, who knew that Wild Dogs twittered.

Are they only now found in 6 countries?
As a minimum ZA, Zim, Bots, Nam, Zam, Kenya, Tanzania, have these great creatures.

Hi Richard,

You are right. There are in fact more than six countries in which they occur. I know dogs have been reintroduced in Malawi, to add to your list. Well done on picking that up.

Digital Ranger

Thanks for this post – lots of great photos and great info!

We were very lucky to see the wild dogs on the second day of safari. We set off with our ranger to find them and no one else thought they were around. We first heard the hyena and wild dog fighting before we saw them. Then the chase was on as we spotted all of them running from different directions. We were so excited and so fascinated watching them!

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