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on Getting Stuck And Why It’s Actually Good Fun

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Pere it is so true. Getting stuck is one of the highlights of a visit to Londolozi. The stories you’ve got to tell, for years to come. We still tell the stoty about getting stuck and the Magingilane walking a couple of meters around us. A ranger came passed asking if we need help. We declined and we got ourselves unstuck. It wasnt 5 minutes later when we saw the Magingilane again and the ranger who asked if we need help was stuck. We had to throw a rope to him and pull him out of the mud. At the lions a few meters away.

So nice to see you and Ben, and of course, the
DE ENDER! For how long does the pink pouch recipient have to wear it?

Hi Peggy,
He/she has to wear it until the next person gets stuck, which could be months…!

In September, we were on a game drive with our ranger and tracker, Kevin and Ray; tailing a leopard when we got stuck on a sandy creek bank. Kevin told us all about the dreaded Pink Pouch, as he and Ray worked their butts off getting us unstuck. They were successful to enthusiastic applause.

Great story! As mentioned in another comment, I’ve been stuck twice and each time was an experience to remember and regale with friends wanting to know safari details. Being stuck, whether for minutes or hours, heightens all your senses and allows for more interesting experiences. During one stuck moment, we enjoyed gin and tonics whilst our guide and tracker took care of repairing the vehicle- could have been worse and we had a pride of lions to keep us entertained!!???

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for the chuckle Pete. I’m hoping that the whole area gets lots of rain soon so we can see the pink pouch (looking worse for wear) being handed out more ???

One of my treasured memories at Londolozi was when we were trying to outflank the Mashaba female, we got stuck, high centering a small gully we were trying to cross. We all got out of the vehicle, and stood quietly as Like and Mike furiously jacked up the rear of the vehicle to be able to drive us out of there. While we were standing there, from off to our left, came the roar of the Mashaba female (probably 20 yards away.) Like, who was standing behind me, spoke softly into my ear, “Michael, V-E-R-Y slowly, I want you to move behind me!”

What a terrific story….not only by you, but also by the guests who commented below. I LOVE the pink pouch for several reasons, but mostly for the determination NOT to be humiliated and the taunting playfulness it brings….”Need a hand?” NO! I grinned again when James replied that the pink pouch must be worn until another gets stuck….perhaps months! ? Who ever thought up the idea of the pink pouch deserves a round of applause and a friendly slap on the back! Good one!

The last time we got really stuck was back in 2011, so it shows what a memorable event this is! We were with Byron and Judas, and had been following the Camp Pan male down towards the river, but we went just that bit too far! We got out and stood nervously in a clearing while we listened to the sounds of frantic revving going on. We looked for a suitable tree to climb if need be, until we remembered that leopards are rather better tree climbers than humans!

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