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Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

Ndzanzeni 4:3 Female

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on Young Male Leopard Acts Old

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The young leopard is just behaving like all teenagers do. Is the Inyathini male his father?

Hi Marinda,
Almost certainly yes.

Master Tracker

I think in modern parlance, it is called failure to launch

Haha. Agreed, Ian!

Master Tracker

I have sent a copy of your blog to a friend, pointing out he has an inter-species problem???

Is it possible that Inyathini may be willing to cede some of his huge territory to his son, continuing to tolerate his presence? Didn’t Camp Pan do something similar with ones of his sins? In any case, I wish him the best as he’s a beautiful young leopard!

Senior Digital Ranger

I love this guy! Mondzo stayed with his mother until well over 2 years old as well, and he would also cling to his dad Dayone. Dayone was very tolerant of him though. He is special, as is Mondzo.

Just like young males to push the limits. Lol. When the time comes, and it will, I hope Dad’s punishment isn’t too severe. A four year wait in Londolozi for the only male to be raised to independence was surprising. I have my fingers crossed!

In the US we call this behavior “testing “, kids including teens do it all of the time to determine how far they can go outside of their normal perimeters. This young male must feel comfortable, still hanging around mom, ready to enjoy a free meal- not so dumb eh, for now……. I hope he manages to stay on the good side of both parents.

Senior Digital Ranger

Ndzanzeni young male reminds me of another young male in the north! Hosana is 2 1/2 yrs old now. We thought he had dispersed as he was seen on Londolozi for a while. Then 3 weeks ago he returned and has been entertaining us with his silly behavior. He lost his mother (Karula) at 13 mos. of age and did well surviving.. His father Tingana has been very tolerant of him and Hosana seeks out his father just to lay there and with him, more often than not Ting will steal Hosana’s kill, as will his much older sister Thandi. They too spend time together but she is not quite as tolerant of him as dad. He seems to be a very social cat and one day will move on to his own territory and hopefully where he chooses to settle will appreciate his social nature. Oh he also is scent marking, but not sure about the sawing. There is nothing quite like the leopards of the Sabi Sands! Thank you for the update of this wonderful young male.

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