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Born in Cape Town, Alex grew up on a family wine estate in Stellenbosch. Spending much of his young life outdoors, Alex went on many a holiday into Southern Africa’s national parks and wild areas. After finishing high school, he completed a number ...

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on The Week in Pictures #351

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Stunning pics Alex. Fantastic sighting of the Narina Trogon. Love the barred owlet and the young rhino.

Thank you Marinda. I hope you enjoy your time at Londolozi and fingers crossed that you too are lucky to see the above.

Thank you Alex. We are having a great time.

Fabulous photos! That bird, the Narina Trogon, is amazing! I would love to see that! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Darlene. You, like many other rangers and guests are equally as eager to see it. A special sighting indeed.

Enjoyed the pictures Alex. Look forward to TWIP and this week they were as enjoyable as expected. I especially appreciated the Narina Trogon. Such beautiful birds. Thanks for these and all the great shots

Thank you very much!

Great images Alex, that barred owlet and rhino calf are superb!!!

Thanks Rich! Always special seeing new life and a rhino of all things is that much more special.

Master Tracker

There are some absolutely fabulous shots there, the Ndanzeni female is spectacular , but at the risk of controversy the photo of the Southern Skies would make it onto my wall

Thank you Ian

Wow! You outdid yourself this week in pictures of some my favorite animals. The leopard portrait is especially stunning. I noticed that you shoot at fairly high iso numbers – is that because you’re in low light situations or want higher shutter speeds? I’m looking forward to my trip there the third week of November and making some good pictorial memories. Keep up the fantastic shots.

Thank you Denise. One or two images were taken at high iso numbers indeed, this was the case because i quickly picked up my camera to capture a moment. I always try attain a faster shutter speed in case of a situational change yet don’t want to push iso values too high. High iso will be camera dependent. Some cameras (especially the new ones) do well at high iso values where as others don’t. Dynamic range and detail is always going to be better at lower iso values yet one needs to maintain a decent enough shutter speed. Many of the above pictures were in situations where higher iso was needed in order to gain faster shutter speed, freeze motion and reduce camera shake.

A great set they are all so sharp Narina Trogon and the star shot my favs; 3 months and counting

Thanks so much Mike. Always appreciate your comments. Thoroughly looking forward to it myself!

That Narina Trogon! Makes me drool at the thought of seeing it. And the Southern skies! Are you willing to share settings for taking that picture?

Thank you Michael. The narina trogon is a special sight. Most images should have the settings attached but the night sky was taken with a sigma 20mm f1.4 lens. 20″ exposure, f2.0, ISO 2000.

Thanks, Alex!

Senior Digital Ranger

Awesome pictures

Thank you

As always your images are superb, Alex. The photos of the Nkoveni female leopard and her young cub are my favorites. Thank you, for all you do on behalf of the admirers of the Londolozi Blog.

Thank you very much Stan.

Senior Digital Ranger

Spring is spectacular indeed. Stunning pics this week!

Thank you Ginger. It’s a time where we see the quickest transition from one season to the next.

Absolutely fantastic pictures Alex! Love them all but the Southern Skies is just superb

Thanks Marianna! As you know, winter is a time to enjoy the sky as much as possible, it truly is amazing and never tires.

Definitely ….. especially considering this is the 2nd year on the trot Al and I have come now just to see the knobthorns ?

Spectacular TWIP Alex! You took my breath away. I can’t even pick a favorite, as my passions are the leopards and lions (especially with cubs!), but have become enamored with the bird life at Londolozi as well. Well done!

Thank you Randy

Ah, so that’s what the Narina Trogan looks like!! How I wish [as you do too] that it would have been just as cooperative during our brief sighting in June. The astral photograph is amazing, but kudos have to go to your leopard images, each and every one of which makes me miss Londolozi all the more.

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