The saga of the female ostrich is the true, ongoing story of a three year wait for love. Having roamed the Londolozi grasslands for years on her own, seeking company from our safari vehicles, her luck turned one day and her story has continued to warm hearts ever since.

As is tradition at this time of the year, we present to you our 2017 Valentine’s video which documents this incredibly touching story of a wild animal that has shown all of us that love is worth the wait and that when you wait for it, it can be so much bigger than you possibly imagined…


If you wish to spread the love in the build up to Valentine’s Day, please share her story.

With love,

The Londolozi Family


Video by: James Tyrrell, Amy Attenborough and Rich Laburn
Featured image designed by: Roxy Burrough

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Amy Attenborough

Media Team

Amy has a rich field-guiding history, having spent time at both Phinda and Ngala Game Reserves. This diversity of past guiding locations brought her an intimate understanding of different biomes across South Africa, and she immediately began making a name for herself as ...

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on Love is Worth the Wait

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Bruce Robertson

great story Amy!

Lorri S.

Every day I receive your newsletter, I scan for the ostrich story. So HAPPY to see this Valentine from them and you to us! Against all odds…..


Now that is a proper love story for Valentine’s day! Thanks guys!

Ed Hubbard

What a wonderful story. When we visited Londo in June 2016 we met “Jennifer” and she chased our vehicle for more than 30 minutes. When we heard she had a mate we were thrilled….then came the “little ones” we were overjoyed. We can’t wait to return next year to meet the whole family.

Senior Moment

I too always look for the ostriches, sadly we don’t know what happened to the second male?

Chris Hunt

Alley Lewis has video of the
Ostrich family dancing in early January.


What a wonderful video! Thanks for catching us up on this amazing new Londolozi family.

Wendy Hawkins

Oh that was just the kind of Valentine Story I love to hear! Thank you all for the fantastic video & may they all get to grow up big & strong! 🙂

Amy Olson

Thank you for this warm, happy, touching story. I really needed to see this, especially today.

Jan Tanis

Such a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift to us all! Thank you.

Andi Schmidt

My son Miles and I were on the drive with Alfred the day the first male was seen by Shadrach. It was the experience of a lifetime. We saw the female miles away layer that day and so glad they found each other.

Scott Sebastian

Wonderful Valentine video.So glad there are still four babies and can not believe how big they have
gotten.Hope they keep growing bigger and stronger.And hope there will be more babies in
the future.

Leslie Backus

Sometimes Mother Nature surprises us with unlikely happy endings. Love the drawing of the ostrich family. Did someone there produce it?

Amy Attenborough

Hi Leslie. Thank you! Yes, Roxy Burrough, our Graphic Designer created the images…

Gerard Gaynor


Debbie and Frank Kohlenstein

What a beautiful story! Loved the storytelling in the video clip. Every morning I look forward to reading your blog with my coffee. The ostrich story has captured our hearts. Thank you😀

Jill Larone

I loved the video and what a heartwarming story that we have all watched develop over the past few years! It’s so fantastic to see the family altogether and the four babies growing and thriving. Thank you for this wonderful Valentine’s gift!

Vicky Sanders

Such a wonderful story. Made me smile! Loved hearing the remarks from the whole crew. Happy Valentine’s Day to you ALL…and the ostrich family, of course. The chicks have gotten SO big!!

Pam Chandor

Congratulations on the great story Amy! Brooke and I hope to come back and see you soon and we look forward to seeing a flock of ostriches as opposed to only one 🙂

Ian Williams

Suggestion : upload this to YouTube
great clip 🙂

Susan Strauss

Love love love!

Lucas Buxton


Krishna Gailey

Thank you for the most heart touching valentines message. You have spread the love. Just can’t get enough of these ostrich updates, and may they stay safe and together for another year. They have so many people praying for their survival.

Sue Deale

Sweetness, Amy! Well done.

Callum Evans

I followed the link to this post from James’s bird post! I had no idea that that female was on Londolozi for so long before she had the chicks! Haven’t seen any posts about the chicks’ reaching maturity yet, are they still on the Reserve? That message ‘love is worth the wait’ is really powerful, really needed that right now, thanks so much!!

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