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on Day 7 – Letting the Body Speak

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Love this toooooooo

I tread quietly on my path not to impress others but because it feels right with me. Stay present to possibilities within yourself. Be in tune with nature.

Thank you so much for putting this together. I loved it! (And look forward to more!) For me, meditating has become a daily practice. But tying it to nature through the pictures, meditation and journal entries brought me right back to the same thing I ‘remember’ every time I’m at Londolozi – get still and listen. The answers are all there. Thank you, thank you! #bighugs

Loved the series. Loved this last one. Your body does heal itself. The best medicine is nature.

Thoroughly enjoyed that guided body scan. Thanks Mands and thank you to all for creating this very special safari.
I am encouraged to continue on the path that stabilizes the imbalances in my life, thank you for aiding my quest.
Such a treat to hear those bush sounds. I hope everyone today can look out and see a bird, busy with its life, just being.
Much gratitude.

restorative and healing. Thank you x

Really loved the full body scan. So happy to connect with the Londolozi sounds and remembrances in my mind. Thank you for this wonderful journey. Looking forward to another one.

I wanted to thank you & let you know how much I enjoyed this series. I loved everything about it but especially the clarity, the messages & signs coming through for me. I am looking forward to more, more, more! And I am looking forward to the day when I can visit Londolozi & the amazing people & animals. Thanks for all you do.

Such a deeply thought out package you guys have put together. I feel more in tune and balanced, all senses alert.
Thank you again for just the right gift at this moment in time.

Senior Digital Ranger

Receiving your email about a 7-day meditation meant for me to start a new expedition into the unknown. At first, I enjoyed the sounds of nature as well as beautiful prose. I felt calm. The brown snake floating on the river made me smile spontaneously, The elephant aroused in me the admiration and grace of a magnitude that unburdened, proudly steps.
But Day 7 caused something unexpected. Tension in the shoulders, throbbing bellies, hot palms and pressure in the legs… and the question: Where did your body speak to you? What message? For a moment I felt nothing., black out. How can my body speak to me? And if his speech manifests itself through tension, through pressure, what is it that causes them in me? Then one thought flooded me like a wave! One private fight. What if I let that thing go? Fear and freedom struck me at the same time. And then the card of the leopard … My major lesson: It’s okay to open my palms and drop all the leashes I held firmly. To spread the bushes and find my calm and freedom. It’s okay and I need to! With elegant, slow steps, to go my path and with faith in myself to be ready to leap.

Many thanks for this series. It was fun and inspiring & I found myself looking forward to starting each day with you! ❤️

Brilliant experience! I have been a meditation practitioner since age 12, so nearly 48 years, but rarely do guided meditations. This 7 day course was unique in focus and content and I deeply enjoyed it. Looking forward to continuing with your offerings. All love, blessings, and gratitude.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for giving us this 7 day gift, I really have loved every minute of it. I do a lot of self development work in an attempt to raise my vibration and to be mindful of my contribution as a human being. This series has highlighted for me how I often struggle to hear my inner voice because of all the noise around me, I’ve finally had the opportunity to stop and see just how much I battle with city life. How we as a species have stopped honouring ancient ways. We have strayed so far from our roots, the shamanic (natural) way of life and have lost touch with the healing magic of nature in general. I have sat these two weeks in quarantine contemplating how humanity as a collective will continue post this ‘crisis’. Will there be increased mindfulness? A return to a more natural and sustainable way of living? Or just business as usual? And I have most certainly contemplated my own future, the changes I want to make and how I can further enhance my contribution to the development of a more holistic and sustainable world. The opening line of one of my favourite poems reads: “Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.” Desiderata – Max Ehrmann. Bless you all for your incredible contribution.

Nicole, I love what you said about how far we’ve moved from ancient ways, shamanic wisdom and the magic of nature. My sentiments exactly. For days now, I have been looking for where I have put my Desiderata – my sister gave it to me long ago and it is one of my favourites too. Thank you for quoting it, the whole thing is perfection but my mind always remembers this part first: “You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”

Senior Digital Ranger


This. It really resonated with me at a time when I needed to go within myself and reflect on my life. I’m looking forward to Series 2! Bring it soon please.🙏🏻❤️🐆

Thank you all so much. Thoroughly enjoyed it and looking forward to the series 2. Have a great day!

Thank you thank you for sharing this with us! I’ve loved feeling connected to the Londolozi community along with nature and wilderness. Can’t wait for series two!

Thank you 🙏 I really enjoyed my 7 days of mindfulness and it has been a fantastic help.

Thank you

Thanks so much Amanda for this beautiful last meditation and to the entire team that made all of the wondrous facets of this series possible. I am glad to hear that there will be a Series 2 because this has been such an exciting part of my week. I have never practised formal meditation of any kind but have dabbled in my own home-grown visualisation rituals. This series has been a big connector for me that visualisation is meditation and that the sound healing rituals I love so much are essentially shamanic journey meditations. Oh how my mind is bubbling 🙂 Thanks again!

Thank you! After this week, I feel so much more in tune with myself and the world around me and excited about the possibilities! 💖

I keep coming back to this one, in part because I wish there were more than 7 days, and of course, also, because it’s such a beautiful meditation! This whole wellness challenge has been a huge gift, thank you!!! Now donating to the Good Work Foundation. <3

What a wonderful experience! Thank you so much for this gift

I got preoccupied with pulling all nighters for the last 2 nights,chasing deadlines (the joys of working remotely) . When I saw that I’d need to set aside 30 minutes for the final meditation, I deferred it to take on other pressing tasks – which I now realise is ironic as the whole point of this mindfulness exercise is to be more mindful of one’s body and oneself. Looks like I’ve got tons of unlearning, prioritising and practicing to do. I really struggled with the intention setting too, but hopeful I’ll be able to locate this in future. Thank you so very much for this incredible challenge and associated resources. Everything is of such high quality and authenticity. Can’t wait for the next one – blessings to you all.

This wonderful 7 days of Mindfullness has given me such an insight into an area I have never had the time to discover!! Maybe because as a Christian , I was always wary of it but what joy to be in this stillness knowing some new tools to learn to relax and be still esp linking animal qualities with our own-They can teach us so much! Londolozi has always been part of my big dream bucket list!!
– The journaling has been awesome , deep and so personal. Honouring my own body to be still with the backdrop of the bush has been inspirational . Especially coming during this lock down has been a huge gift!! for now and going forward!!Thank you for all the input and thought behind this!! Day 6 and 7 were really mind blowingly beautiful!!
Locked down but let out!!

thank you for this gift!

I cannot express how glad I am that Londolozi is embracing its “shamanic” Spirit. I look forward to the next series and I will redo this one. Thank you to all who made it possible; thanks for protecting the animals during this time of no eco-dollars; thank you for GWF; thank you, thank you, thank you!
Small thing: You might fix the small typos on the last “card” – its and not “it’s” – as it is a bit distracting to some of us anal types:-)

This day was particularly poignant for me – the entire oracle card filled with my inner thoughts! It reassured me. I loved the full body awareness, and would like to do it each day. I loved this series and can’t wait for #2. It has awoken me and I am so grateful. Thank you so much for providing this – it has meant so much to me! I continue the spiritual journey now with “Thich Nhat Hanh” The Miracle of Mindfulness a lovely text which I feel builds on what you have so thoughtfully put together.

Amanda and Boyd, First of all it was been a blessing to hear your voices. You both have a gift of speaking in a way that connects with our souls in some way, and your story telling and guidance though the meditations is remarkable and honest. In this time of such great challenges, I got a late start with beginning the challenge but are now fully committed to continuing the journey with you. Terri has joined in too and while working from home, we are both trying to begin our days right now with mindfulness routines. For me (Michael) this is a new exploration for sure and it is my hope that I can incorporate meditation at the beginning of every day – even when our business begins the reopening process in a few weeks. The journey you have helped me start is a blessing I am sure. Thank you. We will continue on with your next chapter and look forward to the next 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge! With love….

A beautiful and unexpected message each day – something I looked forward to! The animal cards felt like there were literally chosen for me – that’s how well they ‘spoke’ to me 🙂 Thank you for the variation of the guided meditations – each one with its magnificent background sounds of the wild. I felt comforted, curious, and free to explore.

I’ve never meditated but this seven day practice opened me up to new feelings- finding that quiet place in my soul, taking time to just be in the present, love nature in the smallest of places like watching a ladybug traverse a plant…. thank you for the reminder that we live within our body and should listen to its message.
I completed this during the Covid shutdown and it helped so much.

Great exploration into one’s mind and body. A great way to reconnect with your being and with nature at the same time.
Thank you all for your wise words and encouragement.

Thank you wonderful. I do meditation every day but was not in good space and finding myself looking for excuses. This was awesome put me back on track more in touch with my inner self.

What a beautiful experience! Thanks a lot for such a voyage.

We are all connected to the elements of Mother Earth. This 7 days of meditation and journaling has taught me to embrace the strength of a lioness but also the stillness and. grace of a heron. “Leopard says it’s okay to walk your own path and to find comfort and serenity in your own company. Seek quiet solitude, and in that solitude, you will regenerate your being and heighten your connection to your own sense of direction.” – meditation is finding that solitude in order to connect to yourself.

Thank you for the journey.

I will continue to walk a path that the Leopard says it’s okay to walk. To find comfort and serenity in my own company and to seek quiet solitude with God, and in that solitude, I will regenerate my soul and heighten my connection to my own sense of direction.

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