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Reece was born and raised in Johannesburg where from a young age he nurtured his love for the African Bush through countless holidays to the Kruger National Park. It was here where he found his 'happy place' and it would only be a ...

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on Wild Dogs, Wild Dogs… Everywhere!

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I was wondering how on earth you could tell the packs apart – I guess a problem arises when 2 packs have the same number of dogs. And when 2 packs collide as in Sean’s virtual safari…!

Hi Suzanne, it can definitely get quite tricky but you really have to just hone into the finest of details (if you are lucky enough for them to pause and give you an opportunity to look). What an incredible sighting that was! Ranger Robbie puts it best, they truly are “agents of chaos”.

I wish this small pack of three good luck and hope that they will soon raise their own pups successfully!
Saw such a pack of three at Tswalu and nobody believed that they would ever have pups. And now they are a pack of fifteen having raised 12 pups successfully to adulthood.

Thank you Christa, we are all holding thumbs that this particular pack will be successful in the expansion of their family unit in the coming months.

These packs of wild dogs caused quite a stir coming to Londolozi frequently for all to see them. They are endangered, so it is a blessing to have them there and being able to see the different packs. So energetic and always on the go.

I could not agree more, Valmai. Any sighting of these magnificent creatures is a highlight of many safari experiences.

Thank you for the update on the wild dogs Reece. It will be interesting to follow the different packs as the traverse the range around LOndolozi.

Thank you William. Hopefully this is just the beginning of their story as they spend more time in and around Londolozi.

Great post Reese! I love the wild dogs, and really appreciate the breakdown of the packs currently roaming Londolozi. I’ll look forward to hearing more about The Pack of Three, and wishing them the best of chances!

Hi Paul, I am so glad that you enjoyed this update. It truly is so fascinating being able to follow these animals as their stories are forever changing.

Reece, seeing four packs of wild dogs on one property is fantastic and certainly creates optimism as to the future for this endangered species. Whether you see a pack of three or fourteen, any sighting of these carnivores is exciting. Hopefully they will stay in close proximity of Londolozi for more viewing pleasure.

Thank you Denise, I am so glad you enjoyed this update on the current Wild Dog packs we have been seeing. We are holding thumbs that the special sightings of these magnificent creatures continue for months to come, especially with the denning periods being just around the corner!

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