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Robbie developed a passion for the African bush from many visits to his family’s small holding in a greater conservancy just outside Johannesburg. Living in the big city his whole life, he always found refuge in the outdoors and has grown to appreciate ...

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on Wild Dogs – Agents of Chaos

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Robert, thank you for the lions, rhino, and wild dogs encounter. It is fun to watch the dynamics play out.

Hi Robbie, what an absolutely fantastic morning! Just seeing this big pride of lions would have been very special. But with a rhino and wild dogs, the herd of elephants and a leopard that had just killed an Impala! Lucky you! Would have loved to see something that spectacular.

Robbie, you certainly had a wonderful morning with 4 of the big 5 present on your sighting. On top of that all 2 of the species that were present are indangered as well. The wild dogs came and scrambled all the animals around, but they must have got a fright with the road block of those huge elephants in the road. Not to talk about the leopard in the tree that had to hurry up and get her kill up in the tree before the wild dogs would steal it. What a morning Robbie, you should be so pleased to see all that excitement in one mornings sighting. Well done!

Hi Robert,
Thank you for your blog about wild dogs today! It was a lovely moment to read about the wild dogs and what they were up to. Thank you for the two films… beautiful photos! I will stay tuned!
Thank you for sharing!

One of our most exciting experiences was chasing a group of wild dogs as they were chasing down their prey, Organized chaos


Amazing encounter, Robbie ! Can’t wait to be back in a few months and hope to see much of the same.

Amazing encounter, Robbie ! Can’t wait to see more of the same in a few months.

So exciting! What a packed day! Do you think the wild dogs would have gone for one of the lion cubs if they had found them wondering? They sure seem to have little fear! Looking forward to hearing more about these three!

This all is so cool Robert! I love the wild dogs, and their chaotic nature makes for great excitement!

What an amazing morning you and your guests experienced. Just seeing the Ntsevu pride “relaxing” with their cubs in the presence of the rhino bull is a thrill in itself, but then the arrival of the wild dogs changes the dynamics completely, bringing a bit of chaos into the scene. Due to their reputation of being killing machines when searching for a meal, the word chaos does seem to apply as one watches the ensuing frenzy. Love the images and videos.

That was a very exciting morning! I could feel the adrenaline just reading this article.

Senior Digital Ranger

Always a pleasure to go on an exciting Safari with you Robbie…even if it’s virtual!!!!

Robbie, I bet your guests couldn’t believe their luck, what an amazing morning!

Hi Robert, I loved the scene of the rhino and the lions you don’t see it often really. When the dogs met the elephants, that was great! The elephants must fear nothing but bees and humans… the dogs must have got a fright in front of such towering creatures. Do you know anything more on that rhino? There are so few ones left… have you ever watched dholes (Asian wild dogs)? They are similar also in behaviour

Can’t wait to hear more specifics around this pack in particular.

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