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on We Have A Wild Dog Den!

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Hooray! This is fantastic news to learn there is a wild dog den again in Londolozi, especially after reading Kirst’s blog about the devastating and heartbreaking loss of the Plaque Rock female and her cub. Either seeing these leopards during safari visits, or following their stories through the daily blog, we become invested in them and their offspring. Losing even one, is a loss but as we’ve witnessed, they are a resilient species and before long another female will take over her territory. Moving on, it was amazing to see that tiny pup brought out by the mom although it didn’t seem normal behavior. With such a small pack of wild dogs, I’m guessing they will be very busy hunting to keep those pups fed when they begin to eat meat, especially if she had more than 8!

It is such fantastic news. We cannot wait to see how many pups they have and follow along with them going forward.

Senior Digital Ranger

I so appreciate the uplifting story of the Lodolozi wild dog den after yesterday’s devastating blog. And what a bonus to see the newly born pup–way to be in the right place at the right time Sean!!!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing when she brought that pup across. Thank goodness I could at least get a quick video of it.

Hooray! Great news! So we can hope to see little wild dogs when we visit in September – happy day!

I hope that they will still be around for you to see them in September.

Every new life is welcomed, and that’s why yesterday’s news are even more terrible. Wild dogs are often very lucky with pups as they are so numerous and well guarded on turn

We cannot wait to see what unfolds with this pack of wild dogs going forward.

This is indeed fantastic news! How wonderful that these wild dogs have finally decided to den at Londolozi! So great.
You are really lucky because you had pups last year (though no den, but still over 20 of them at first) and now you have a den again like a few years ago. Now the three dogs will have a busy time feeding all the tiny mouths. Good luck to all of them!
And I am so glad about this wonderful news after all the heartbreak of yesterday’s story about the fate of the poor leopard and her cub.

We have had our fair share of luck with wild dogs over the last few years. These three adults are going to have a very busy time keeping everyone fed and safe.

At last some good news about the wild dogs denning on Londolozi ground. I cannot understand why the new mom would bring the one day old pup out. Sometimes new moms do unheard things because she does not better. But let’s hope she has more pups and looks after them properly. So sad and absolutely devastating news about the Plague rock female and her gorgeous cub.

I am not sure the reason why, and as you say sometimes new mums do strange things.

Thanks for the update and information and videos of the wild dogs. Hope the pack of three continues to be successful.

You are welcome, William. We cannot wait to see these pups.

This is indeed very good news, after the tragic news of the death of the Plaque Rock Female and her cub. I really love these dogs, and hope they have a very successful period of denning and that they stay on Londolozi for an extended time afterwards!! Thanks for brightening my day Sean!!

I hope they stay around here too. It will be great to have regular viewing of a pack of wild dogs.

Well done Sean! Super exciting news! How many pups do you think she has?

It really is such exciting news. We are uncertain of how many pups at this stage. As soon as we know we will let you all know.

Great news Sean, will look forward to seeing the camera trap footage.

I look forward to sharing the camera trap footage with you.

How exciting, especially after the news of the Plaque Rock female. I can’t wait to watch this little family grow. That must have been one of the only sightings of a day-old wild dog pup ever. Let’s hope this new mama figures it all out and luck is on their side.

I cant wait either. I think very few other people can say they have seen a one-day-old wild dog pup in the wild.

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