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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Xinkhova 2:2 Female

Xinkhova 2:2 Female

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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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Born in Boksburg , grew up in Benoni matriculated at Benoni High , went to Medical School at Wits.Married for 50 years.I am now a retired cardiologist and practised for 45 years .My love for the bush first started after a Standard 5 ...

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on The Mashaba Female, Nkoveni Female, Ximungwe Female And All The Cubs In One Visit!

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Tony, it was fantastic to see all of your photos once again and in context with your backstory . You truly experienced every guest’s wishes to view leopards and their cubs, but you achieved a once in a lifetime experience to see and photograph the entire family, from Mashaba to her daughters and their cubs. That is so special and I thank you for sharing. Hopefully in October some or all of the cubs will still be growing up and there be more cubs to view from other resident females, such as Three Rivers, Plaque Rock, Nhlanguleni, Xinzele, Nkuwa….

Many thanks,Denise and hopefully in October you will get to see an older version of these cubs.

Good grief Anthony, what incredible sightings you had – you must have been pinching yourself to make sure you weren’t dreaming! You really were spoilt on this trip. Great images as always, thanks for sharing (even though you’ve made me extremely envious!)

Thanks,Suzanne this trip had by far the best sightings we have ever had and also included 4 wild dog sightings and the newly named Kambula pride and all the cubs playing !

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh my, what precious little animals. may they grow big and strong!

Thanks Sandra agree life is tough in the wild and lets hope all these leopards cubs survive!

Amazing set of pictures of the female leopards of Londolozi. Thank you for sharing the pics and the stories Anthony.

Thanks William it was an incredible experience !

Digital Ranger

Great update on some of the Ladies especially the Queen of Londolozi. She looks great for an old girl and she will leave quite the legacy. Thank you!

Thanks,Linda Mashaba always has a special place in my heart as my favorite leopard and somehow i always get to see her !

Superb photography. Thank you for sharing these.

My pleasure and glad you like it !

Hi, this is one of the best family portrait I’ve ever read and seen! I love these three majestic leopards, the hard life yet so natural and free, their path through the years and their fantastic cubs… I’m sorry that the Mashaba female lost her last cubs, but she’s still a great leopard, i remember the Inyathini male was thought to be the culprit for the loss and a battle she had against the much smaller yet great Ndzanzeni female. They simbolise the two different main leopard lineages, the Sunset Bend and the Mother Leopard. Thank you!

Many thanks Francesca and thanks for the kind comments .The leopards of Londolozi never dissapoint !

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh Wow Anthony, what a blog. What a trip. Mashaba and all her offspring are some of our favourites too. Barry and Tshepo are an amazing team. We’re so looking forward to our upcoming visit in a few weeks time. Thank you for so comprehensively whetting our already whetted “looking forward “ to our visit .

Thanks a lot Jane we always have high expectations when we visit Londolozi but somehow every time we exceed our expectations !

Anthony your photo’s are absolutely stunning, and your luck was in to see Mashaba female, Nkoveni and her three cubs and Ximungwe with her two cubs. So good to see your foto’s and I am sure Londolozi is your favorite safari visiting place. May you have such good luck again when you come to Londolozi later on this year.

ThanksValmai for the wonderful comments and yes indeed Londolozi is our home away from home and by far our best safari place !

Fabulous photos as usual, Tony! I can’t tell you how jealous we are of your visit and all your magnificent sightings! It makes us all the more excited about our upcoming 2 week stay in September/October. Perhaps we’ll meet again!

Thanks,Mary Beth we really did have special sightings this time and I have no doubt you will have special sightings later in the year and maybe will meet you again in future !

Senior Digital Ranger

What a fantastic trip.. I hope you see all of them again too, so we can all see the photos!

Thanks very much MJ and always good to hear from you !

What an amazing trip Anthony! Absolute Londolozi magic for sure and here’s to hoping all five cubs are still thriving when you return again (what a treat that would be!)

Micheal it was indeed Londolozi magic as always and we all hope these cubs will grow into adults and both have great moms with some experience !

Wow, incredible story Anthony!! And maybe only surpassed by the amazing images of these brilliant and beautiful leopards. Simply stunning account and photography!

Thanks very much Paul for the very kind comments !

What great/magical/lucky sightings!!! Thank you for sharing!

Many thanks,Anita .

What a wonderful family reunion of sorts! There’s something especially endearing about seeing the little cubs soaked from the rain.

Thanks very much ,Chelsea .

What a wonderful story about the Mashaba female and her offspring. The photos of all these cute cubs and their mothers are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! So good to know that these cute cubs are fine. I am also glad to hear that the Mashaba is still quite well. She is the grandmother of such a beautiful line of leopards

Thanks very much Christa for the kind comments .

All of these photos just tug at my heartstrings. Thank you so much!

Thanks very much Barbara ,all these leopards are also very special for me !

Tony, Sorry for the late response to your amazing post. You did a beautiful job of getting those amazing images of all the cubs! Mashaba is our favorite too and we also met her and Nkoveni in 2013! Hope to see you in Sarasota again – or better yet at Londolozi!

Thanks,Michael always good to hear from you and thanks for the kind comments and hope to meet back in Londolozi in the future!

Tony, We are planning another Safari Sarasota next October 28 & 29 with the Londolozi team to benefit GWF. Special Lodoz royalty will be here and hope you can join us too!

Awesome,Michael we will be there !

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