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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Playful Lion Cubs and Epic Elephant Encounter- Virtual Safari #214

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That was hilarious! Thanks Sean.

You are most welcome.

A big pride of lions moving quickly away from the elephant bulls and the young lions playing in on and around these trees and bushes: it can’t get better than this! Thanks Sean for another wonderful video of my favorite animals – including the lion cub and its mother on the same tree.

When lions are moving around and playing it can make for some of the best sightings, so here we were absolutely spoilt.

Sean, thank you for another great video of the lion cubs lives. Loved watching the elephant exert his dominance over all he surveys.

You are welcome, William.

Hi Sean, fantastic to see the Kambula prides cubs. They are so playful and eager to climb trees. Beautiful to see the difference in size of the cubs. Those two elephant bulls are huge and the lions made a quick move once they saw the elephants coming towards them. I love all the images and video’s you share with us, thank you. So glad to hear that Londolozi had some more rain before the winter comes, now the bush and grass can last longer for the animals.

The cubs really were so playful and entertaining. You are most welcome, Valmai.I am so glad you enjoy all the content that we share.

This was just such a joyful video this morning, showcasing some of the playful Kambula cubs. What’s fascinating to me is that they are rather quiet during their playtime activities of climbing, paw jabs, biting one another…. I would expect squeaks or low growls. The larger one appeared to be much older, possibly a mum? It is evident that a bull elephant has right of way, as we watched the pride gauge his gait and intended path, and then quickly disperse. Great capture!

They are quite and then every now and then you hear the growling intensify and the thuds of the paws on the ground as they run around.

Senior Digital Ranger

fascinating to see the interaction of the lions and elephants!

The interaction between different species is always entertaining to watch.

How fun to watch the lion cubs playing. They looked like they were having a great time. The comparison between this sighting and the Nkoveni female and her cubs last winter was a fresh take, too. Have a wonderful week adventuring!

Thank you so much, Chelsea. They really were very playful.

Hallo Sean,
Thank you for a fantastic Virtual Safari! It was lovely to see these lion cubs playing around!
Thank you for sharing!

I love watching lions play around too.

Lions in a tree aren’t quite as graceful as leopards in a tree are they?! Beautiful just the same…especially with all the green!

They certainly are not as graceful and as you can see with the comparison between the lions and leopards in the same tree, the leopards make it look so easy.

Senior Digital Ranger

Awesome video, loved the lions

The beautiful lions did the talking and the video was wonderful. I look forward to these videos and thank you for them.

Thank you so much, Mary. I am glad you enjoy the videos.

Thanks Sean for the playful video.

What an awesome sighting! Loved the comparison

Amazing sighting of this new pride Sean! And as always, the extra content, in this case the comparison of the lions with the leopards in the SAME tree was amazing and super instructive!! Bravo!!

It is such a pleasure watching your videos . Londolozi is a beacon of peace in a world that is busy consuming itself.
Thank you.

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