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Nsuku 2:3 Male

Nsuku 2:3 Male

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Growing up in the small coastal town of Mtunzini afforded Matt a childhood of endless adventures and the freedom to explore the rich diversity of animal and plant life in the area. He thus developed his passion for wildlife at a young age. ...

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on The Elusive Nsuku 2:3 Male Leopard

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We had a wonderful sighting of what was then the Three Rivers young male in August 2022. He was playing catch and release with a slender mongoose while his mother was up in a tree with a kill.

Well done Terrence for the spot – and thanks for the update, Matt. I haven’t seen him since he was a cub, maybe I’ll be lucky when I come back in November.

The photos in this post are magnificent. The one of the Nsuku Male and Nkoveni Female captures a moment in time where movement stands still. Bravo! One of my favorites

It is also fitting as he is a member of the Sunsetbend lineage (of which the Nkoveni Female is as well) which is known for rich, golden coats. He is a great-grandson of the Sunsetbend Female herself.

It’s fun to read an update on this young leopard! Perhaps he’s decided to take a lesson from his dad and be especially elusive, playing ‘hard-to-get!’

Hi Matt, the Nsuku male leopard is a stunning young male with his beautiful golden coat. Both his parents have the same beautiful golden coats, which is so unique with the three of them. He is really lucky to be in the vicinity where his father, the Maxim’s male is, so he is protected against other male leopards. Such a beautiful leopard lying in the fork of an Brown Ivy tree.

Nick’s pic of him in the fork of the tree is amazing! Happy to hear he’s doing well and growing big like dad!

Thanks Matt for this terrific update on one of the most impressive, newly independent male leopards within Londolozi today. He seems to have the looks of his mother and the frame of his father, an amazing combination. I commend you and Nick for your stunning images, especially now that he’s become more reclusive.

Beautiful pictures Matt, I hope the Nsuku male continues to grow and expand his territory. We might be able to see his offspring some day.

He is such a beautiful young male. Good to hear that he is fine though he isn‘t seen that often any more.

He’s a stunner! Absolutely! I can’t stop looking at him, how wonderful those pictures are with such magnificent leopards. I’ve always thought that his mother was one of the most spectacular leopards, although small simply beautiful, and the Ndzanzeni female too in a different ways… thank you I was just wondering about him! I appreciate a lot the description of the several trees too

The Nsuku male up a tree is The Photo of the Year

Thanks for this update Matt! The Nsuku Male is an impressive young male indeed, and looking forward to hearing of his many, and hopefully long-lived future endeavors!

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