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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Stone Drift 3:2 Female

Stone Drift 3:2 Female

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Xinkhova 2:2 Female

Xinkhova 2:2 Female

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on The Nkoveni Female Has Cubs!

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This is absolutely amazing news Patrick! Another set of cubs by Nkoveni, and not just two, but three! She did so well raising her two daughters a couple of years ago, so fingers crossed that she can successfully raise three cubs to adulthood this time although we all know the odds are against her. Kudos to all involved that successfully managed to track her.

What marvelous news and magical images. A truly incredible sighting and time to be at Londolozi. Sending good thoughts that the Nkoveni mother and her three cubs stay safe and healthy. Thank you for sharing these wonderfu photos.

Senior Digital Ranger

What beautiful cubs!! Grow strong little ones!!

Really fantastic news, Patrick. Ido hope that she will have more luck with this litter than with the last.

That’s fabulous news Patrick – and as for bringing tears to your eyes, just reading this did that to me!
Suckle marks seen early January would make them coming up to 3 months old? I notice 1 of the cubs still has blue eyes, whereas the other in your photo has transitioned to hazel. I think that normally happens around 3 months?

Patrick, What a great find – way to go! Perseverance paid off and what a special experience to find 3 cubs. Mashaba’s lineage is strong!

How exciting that two litters of triplets have been born recently. I hope this litter fares better than the last. Wonderful news.

We were witness to the brutal death of the one cub last August 6. So, very happy for the Nkoveni leopardess with her cub trio now.

Another litter of three is such exciting news, especially since the Plaque Rock female’s recent loss of her three. Fingers and toes crossed for their safety!

Just spectacular! What joy new life brings us!
May she have all of the strength she needs to bring these beautiful babies up! 3… can’t even imagine!!! Thank you for sharing… just magnificent!

Patrick this is the best news ever. Nkoveni female is a magnificent leopardess and I am extatic that there are three cubs this time for her. She certainly did a very good job raising those two female cubs of her. I’m sure I would of had tears in my eyes as well seeing something as beautiful as the Nkoveni female and her three bundles of fur. Let’s hope and pray she can keep them all three protected until they become young adults. Thanks Patrick for this awesome surprise.

Digital Ranger

Wonderful sighting!

SoPatrick. what are the ages of the current crop of leopard cubs across Londolozi. Just hoping for cubs on our next trip there!

Oh what an Easter egg! This is the surprise in! I’m over the moon, three little cubs! She’s a great mum and I’m sure she will take a good care of them. Fantastic blogs about leopards lately!

Patrick, it will be fascinating to see these cubs grow. Thank you for sharing.

Stupendous. Keep them safe until I get there……..


This is great news for the Nkoveni Female, and even cooler that the cubs were sired by the Maxim’s Male and his son the Nsuku Male after just reading about the younger on the previous blog post!! Thanks Patrick!

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