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on Update on the Lions of Londolozi – Part 2

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Senior Digital Ranger

It would be great if the female from the breakaway pride hooked up with the Tsalala lioness, how great would that be 🙂

Master Tracker

My thought exactly

Terrific follow-up report Matt. I was especially impressed to read how well the Ntsevu breakaways are doing, but not surprising considering their lineage. I was equally happy to read how well Tsalala has adapted to her solitary life, given she lost her mother two years ago. My hope, like all of you, is that she finds a male with whom to mate and raise cubs.
Equally interesting is how the Talamatis and lone Nkuhuma keep showing up in areas of the property where they believe they’ll be safe. Lion reporting will continue to be interesting as dynamics shift.

There is always a lot of excitement and action involved when it comes to the different lions and their coalitions at Londolozi. I am always looking forward to hearing news about them. I am really glad that the Tsalala Lioness is doing so well.

Very intriguing article! I think you know about Lady Liuwa in Zambia, the lone lioness of Liuwa plains. She endend up being more attached to the researcher who was living in the area than the pride they tried to offer her. In the end she became an excellent aunt, grandmother, but never sired babies of her own because of the many years spent in loneliness.
First, I do wish the Tsalala female to form a female-with- female coalition, eith the Breakaway female for example, then to find the suitable male, possibly males, to.ensure safety to the Tsalala generation future in an area full of lion dynamics. The Skorro male and her, well, and made me smile, the most beautiful pair! The breakaway female may have more luck with her, as she’s eagerly looking for company. And tbe Nkuhuma and Talamati would be a formidable coalition all together with the Skorro young male… it sometimes happens. The Breakaway coalition would be greatly welcomed everywhere for their buffalo hunting ability. I’m sorry for the buffalo and the giraffe! Life is hard.

What a wonderful, chunky-with-information blog, Matt! We were so fortunate to see Tsalala four times during our Tree Camp visit on vehicle 19 (blankets 22) in August. And I believe we also enjoyed the other lions you mentioned except Plains Camp males. Superb overview.

Senior Digital Ranger

Great post! Fascinating time with the lions right now. I am intrigued that our precious Tsalala lioness is emulating the ways to the stealthy leopards. One cannot help but to imagine her crossing paths with them and I wonder if they might actually be quite tolerant of one another. I am also very intrigued with the lone female of the Ntsevu breakaway pride with her brothers. I am. Not a Ranger by any means but I just have a feeling we will see more surprising actions from her in staying with them. I loved what you wrote that they are taking care of her. Being the surviving Birmingham Cubs makes them even more endearing. I agree with Tammy that it would really be something if she joined up with the Tsalala lioness. Thank you for this well written piece!

Matt, what an incredible update, thank you for sharing all the news.

Matt I hope that the Tsalala female will make a plan and get pregnant by one of these incredible males. She is such a beautiful lioness. The Skorro male is huge and an impressive male. So many male lions and that just spells out one huge confrontation. Thanks for the update on these magnificent male lions.

Thanks for the update Matt, We were lucky to see the Ntsevu breakaway pride in action on the same hunt and kill alongside Kate recently while we were with Nick and Joy (on Terri’s birthday!). We were impressed to see the males doing the hunting and making ample space for the female to share in the kill. We also saw the Tsalala and Skorro separately and are also hoping the might meet up!

WoW!! All of the LION dynamics are GREAT!!! BUT, MY Love Will Always be THE TSALALA Female! I have loved them MANY YEARS!!! Hopefully soon she gets settled w/A Great Male!!!!! Always a nail biter tho so we will have to see when this unfolds!!!!!! This is a GREAT UPDATE and MANY THANKS MATT!!!!! WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!

Plains Camp Males are also dominant over the Nkhuhuma Breakaway Pride which is composed by the surviving Breakaway female and her 2 subadults, a male and a female of 1,5yo. These 2 are the oldest of the PCM’s offspring.

Senior Digital Ranger

I truly hope the Tsalala female can raise a litter of female cubs to give her companionship and ensure the future of the pride. Her mother raised her to be a very competent lioness, hence her ability to survive on her own. But she deserves to have a female companion by her side. Like those that came before her, she is a very special lioness. I hope she can meet up with the Skorro Young Male in due course and it is a positive encounter. I continue to pray for her. I’m also rooting for the other young lions – offspring of the Birmingham Males and Dark Mane Avoca. I hope they can establish territories of their own, and eventually push out the Plains Camp Males (not a fan!).

The underdog ( so to speak) has all our support. We like lineages that continue and hope she finds her suitor and grows her family

Great update on the lions…….which have been seriously confusing over the past year or so…..I am rooting for all of them for different reasons though….Nkuhuma, Tsalala, Talamatis, and the shot of the young Ntsevus playing is brilliant!

Thanks for this update Matt! I’m always rooting for the Tsalala lioness, and hoping she finds a partner to connect with and form a duo. I also love the idea of the Nkuhuma Male connecting with that lovely beast, the Skorro Young Male and forming a coalition!!

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