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on Update on the Lions of Londolozi – Part 1

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The Skorro Male is a true specimen!

Great update! There are so many lions to keep track of that I have a hard time remembering all of their backstories, so updates like this are always appreciated. Eagerly awaiting part two.

The lion dynamics at Londolozi is always really fascinating. So many possibilities and so many lions around. I always hope that the cubs will make it and also that the Tsalala lioness will fit in somewhere between all these prides.

Hi, I was touched by the older lioness who doesn’t act like a burden in the pride. If old females stay, especially the matriarch, they are usually helped by the others. All lions are majestic but the young Skorro is such a beauty, as you said. All look regal in their own way, especially the old female. It would be great if those bold and brave mothers could find stability. And the Tsalala female someone to call family…

Digital Ranger

Thanks for a wonderful update! Look forward to Part 2 and any news on the Tsalala lioness!

Hi Matt, I think the Skorro male is the most beautiful and largest male at the moment on Londolozi. I am hoping he will mate with Talamati pride. Then the Black dam males seem to be wanting to take over the Ndhzenga Males territory and then to mate with the Ntsevu pride. But it is eminent that there is going to be a huge fight between these lions. Once again I say the Skorro male is huge and a really stunning male.

Great article, glad theirs going to be a part 2.

Thank you for mentioning the Matimbas, after the Mapogos, Ginger and Hairy Belly were my favourite coalition.

50-odd lions?!?! Amazing! And it hasn’t seemed to limit the leopard population, at least to a large extent. Can this continue?

It’s World Lion Day, I wish success to all these extraordinary creatures in spite of humans!

Matt, thank you for the update on the lions of Londolozi. I hope the Sokoro male thrives as he looks very impressive.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for the update on lion dynamics on Londolozi, I love hearing all about them. The Skorro young male certainly is a handsome boy it would be great if he teamed up with the Tsalala female and fathered cubs. Looking forward to part 2.

Thanks for the update Ross It’s great to hear more about the Ntsevu lionesses and how the cubs are thriving. I know Tsalala is still around and I’m hoping she’ll find a male coalition to help protect her if she needs it. Furthermore, she’s old enough to mate and it will be interesting to see which of the males will rise to the occasion. Looking forward to part two.

Great blog

What a great update! We had some great viewing of the lions on our recent visit.

Thanks for this very exciting update Matt! I’d love to see the Skorro young male find another strong male partner, thrive, and connect with the Tsalala female – I’m always Rooting for her as well!!! lol look ng forward to part 2.

Senior Digital Ranger

Lions and more Lions!!! How exciting for Londolozi. Having viewed the Birmingham Males and the Ndzhenga Males, and being so saddened by the demise of the Othawa Male, it is truly a Pomp and Circumstance entry to the territory of the magnificent Skorro Male!! Thank you for the update and bring on Part Two!!

Love this! Wondering why you think a pride of lions would split?

The Skorro Male is so impressive in person; hoping that a coalition can be formed with him. Seeing the lone Tsalala lionesss makes one think of possibilities with both of them.

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