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on The Week In Pictures #600

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Congratulations on this momentous occasion and celebration! If only there was a way to measure the amount of people who have been positively influenced by TWIP over the years. The joy, excitement and wonder that it inspires in my own life has been significant. When I imagine that rippling out to thousands of people all over the world, it’s incomprehensible. I’m so thankful for all of the contributors who live these moments, sit with them, snap, edit and share them so that the rest of us may feel some semblance of connection to the sacred wildness that is Londolozi, while we wait for our next trip.

Thank you so much, Chelsea. If only there was a way to measure the effect TWIP has had, I would love to know. Hopefully see you soon.

Congratulations on 600 episodes of TWIP. Magnificent beyond words. Thank you for sharing each week.

Thank you so much, William. I am so glad you enjoyed it.

Londolozi – just love you.

We love all of you too.

Masterpiece of editing James, weaving all the videos, music and images together! SO MANY GREAT SHOTS and probably 10 times that number that didn’t make the cut. It was a great century-mark vlog … congratulations to and all the rangers that were interviewed!!! Truly every game drive is a potentially memorable experience and you cannot afford to blink or take your hand off the camera! A perfect #600 vlog!!!

Thank you so much, Bob, but James left Londolozi two years ago. This piece of work was done by me but thank you very much. There were very many images that didn’t make the cut, and also we couldn’t share every image.

Very sorry about that Sean. I knew it was your work and I must have been flashing back to the early years of these subconsciously. This was definitely the best vlog we’ve seen yet. Congratulations again on an outstanding piece of video editing!!!!!

Hi Sean, what an incredible achievement, the foto’s are absolutely stunning. Such beauty in all it’s glory. Londolozi the paradise of Safari. The best Rangers and Trackers working together to achieve the best results to impress the guest, resulting in fantastic foto’s. No where in the world will you get this exceptional Safari experience, scenery to die for, wild animals living in their own environment. Photographic opportunities to choose from. Incredible place that Londolozi is, may it exist for ever. Londolozi is the best!!! Sean you are the best!!! compiling these TWIP every week and the video’s every Sunday. Congratulations All involved to make this a life time experience that will be remembered forever.

Thank you so much, Valmai. We really are spoilt by living and working in such a phenomenal place and having the privilege to see and capture what we do. I am so glad that it received well across the world.

You all have certainly mastered in capturing the beauty and wonder out there and I for one am very appreciative and grateful! Cheers!

Thank you so much, Anita. We are grateful that we get to share it all with you.

Senior Digital Ranger

Sean, Matt, Kyle, James, Chris, Kirst,
All I can say is THIS. Absolutely, this. Only 44 more days, then THIS!

Well said. Well done.

Thank you so much, Ann.

Congratulations on these fantastic photos.

Thank you so much, Christa.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow what an amazing TWIP. @Stof put it perfectly …when it all comes together there is the sense that I’m right where I need to be right now. Thank you everyone.

Perfectly said by Chris. Thank you so much, Jane.

First of all, congratulations on your 600th episode of TWIP! I look forward to seeing the images posted as a representation of the various sightings throughout the week. Your video today makes xed with still images was exceptional and I really enjoyed the interviews with a few of the guides. I agree that taking a camera out into the bush is a celebration of moments in time that one experiences, more often for the fleeting moment of capturing that special shot. I also know that sometimes you can’t capture what you see but just need to enjoy the moment, and keep it in your memory. Kudos to all of you who contribute and perhaps I can settle down, go through my latest group of favorite shots taken in April and send them along to you as a guest contributor…. Cheers!

Thank you so much, Denise. It really is an impressive milestone to reach.

WOW Sean!!!! This is an incredible and super fitting way to celebrate the milestone of #600 TWIP!!!! Just stunning man, and HUGE kudos to all of you who bring these amazing images to us every week. I can’t begin to explain what a blessing the daily Londolozi blog generally, and TWIP specifically, is in our lives – although I know you all feel exceedingly blessed to be living all of it real time! Suffice it to say that I am deeply appreciative and grateful for all that you and the team put into this work, and all love and blessings to you as you continue to do so!

Thank you so much, Paul. I am glad you enjoyed it and the daily blogs too. We are so grateful that we are also able to share this piece of heaven with everyone across the globe daily.

What a fabulous round-up Sean, must have taken you ages! I remember when TWIP started – I think JT took it on a few months down the line? I see you’ve put a link to every 100th but I’d love to see the very 1st one again.

Sean, We are a little late from traveling. This 600th is totally fabulous! The interviews with the rangers are great and the whole production is flawless! I don’t think we’ve missed many of the posts and celebrations over the years. Congratulations!!!

Thank you so much, Michael and Terri. I am glad you enjoyed it.

We also loved seeing all the past celebration videos! #100 is a gas and we remember it well!

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