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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on The Week in Pictures #500

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Only one word….WOW. Despite the challenges there’s still nowhere better to be than living here in Africa. We are blessed. Looking forward to the next 500 weeks.


Thank you Elme, we will be sure to keep TWIP going.

Wonderful photography and a terrific narration. Anyone who watches this story about Londolozi cannot help but love the way you interact with nature in every way. Thanks for sharing a small piece of the Londolozi journey. 🎥👋😎📷😍👍🇿🇦

Thank you so much Joel.

This is a blessing you are protectors of a unique nature! I wonder how much of Africa’s and world’s nature has disappeared recently. Your case is the opposite

Thank you Francesca

Congratulations on the milestone of the first 500 TWIPs. They have kept the spirit of our previous visits alive while driving up the anticipation for our next visit-beginning next Wednesday.
Impressive assortment (how many times have I said that?) of introductory photos highlighted by Guy’s lion/elephant image followed by Sean’s capture of the expressive look on the male lion’s face.

Thank you Vin, We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Senior Digital Ranger

Congratulations to the Londolozi team and all the best to James.

Thank you Dave.

Simply amazing! I am sure the next 500 will continue to enlighten the world about this planet we share and love. Thanks for the first 500!

Thank you William.

Fabulous, and huge congrats to all involved. Fitting that JT should present it, having been the major contributor over the years (pre-recorded or is he still around?)

Thank you, Suzanne, it was pre-recorded.

Cannot wait to return
Thank you to everyone at Londolozi

Thank you, Susan. We look forward to having you back.

Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment. Also inspirational Rich’s vision has become so completely realized because of that all important first step.

Thank you, Marcia.

Absolutely fantastic everyone who participated in this magnificent TWIP adventure. Congratulations on the 500th TWIP. The audio with James speaking and just seeng him again, was such a wonderful surprise. So wish James will come back, I really miss his voice, wonderful foto’s , video’s and funny remarks. The foto’s are really outstanding and one can see all you Rangers and Trackers, everyone evolved in this journey of TWIP , really enjoyed making this possible. Thanks again for this magnificent blog. Well done Sean.

Thank you, Valmai.

Congratulation on your 500 TWIP.
It is really fantastic that people from all over the world can enjoy the wonders of the African bush and the amazing world of animals every day at home. Of course, it is still even more fantastic if one can go on a safari and enjoy the real thing.
However, not everybody can do this at least not all the time. I envy the people, staff, guides who live in the bush and have this pleasure most of the year. So it is wonderful to have your blogs. Thanks so much!

Thank you, Christa, it certainly is a privilege to live and work here permanently.

Fabulous video … loved every second of it!!! Our hat is off to all who contributed to it, edited it and produced such a fine piece of living history. Thank you Londolozi for seeing the value of these blogs & vlogs and please keep them coming!

Thank you, Bob and Lucie, we will keep them coming.

Senior Digital Ranger

Great blog. Here’s to the next 500 TWIP! Thank you for sharing you little piece of paradise.

Thank you MJ.

Be still my heart….which always rests in Londolozi. Mahalo for bringing me joy every day with the blog and photos of everything Londolozi.

Thank you Judith.

Thank you Judy and for being one of the very first blog followers!

Congratulations on your mile stone of 500 TWIP. The video you put together was fantastic. Epic guys, just epic.

Thank you Linda

That picture of the lions and the elephants – maybe I have been watching too many “Avengers” movies, but somehow, I imagine an unlikely alliance as they go to face a sinister foe together!

Thank you, Michael, that pic does give off that feeling.

Congratulations Londolozi! Can’t wait for the next 500! Thanks to James, Talley, Dean, Sean. James S., Grant, and so many more for your amazing photos that have helped many of us keep up to date on the many animals so many find enchanting and captivating!

Thank you, Michael.

Epic storytelling at its best in your 500th TWIP! From Guy’s opening landscape of the king and his friends to the final image in the outstanding video, I was totally mesmerized. It was great to see and listen to James share once again, and we miss him, but fortunately for us he’s left the Blog in extremely capable hands. Inasmuch as I would love to spend time there more often but distance and circumstances don’t permit, instead I visit vicariously each day via the blogs and virtual safaris. Cheers!!

Thank you so much Denise. We look forward to having you back here again soon.

My heart. Amazing. Thank you so much for effectively capturing that Londolozi feeling that has your soul longing to return, even as you lift off in the aeroplane to leave from another amazing adventure.

Digital Tracker

Wow guys, what an achievement! Thank you for sharing the amazing pictures that you do every week. I know it brings a smile to my face, and joy to my soul. Even though I can’t be there right now, seeing those heavenly photos each week is so uplifting. Thank you!

Congrats, for that wonderful work with fantastic pictures in the TWIP. And that we can share all the stories of fantastic animals.

cannot get the tape to run! wish I had been there! Victoria

Everything about Londolozi is world class, and this is no different. Looking forward to 500 more TWIP.

Thank you Chelsea, we look forward to 500 more too.

Certainly the topping on the cake !! Sean thank you ! James T for the great intro …and to all the Londolozi family for bringing a very special piece of Africa to our homes. I’m at a loss for words …. You bring so much positive energy and hope for our mother earth at this chapter in her life. Through your huge efforts and care for your surroundings…there will be a future for our children’s children. A huge thank you 🙏💗

Thank you Cally, We are so grateful that we are able to add a little bit of goodness to your day. Thank you for all your support and encouragement in the work that we get to do out here to preserve the wildlife.

What a fantastic TWIP blog and slide show. Mind blowing pics of the animals and staff that make up the Londolozi family. James thanks for the narration – have to say I had a wee tear in my eyes at some points. Many thanks to all of you at Londolozi. Look forward to many more instalments.

Congratulations on reaching 500 TWIP! Watching the video was inspiring; so many amazing photos (bet that was a hard exercise to choose these).
This week I especially love the close up of the zebra by Dean – stunning.
Looking forward to the next 500!!

Thank you so much Jennifer.

This video was just marvelous! I had tears in my eyes, and I haven’t even been to Londolozi. But I will be coming!! Only sorry I never got to meet James since I have long followed him in the blogs and always enjoyed his videos. But you are all wonderful and I hope to meet you one day soon.

Thank you Barbara for following us so closely, we look forward to the day we get to meet, hopefully, sooner rather than later.

Thank you Sean! I hope so too. In the meantime I look forward to my daily emails.

Utterly fantastic! You give us all so many visuals and stories and so much to aspire to! Thanks for this great compilation!

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