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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Three Rivers 2:2 Female

Three Rivers 2:2 Female

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Well, there were some incredible photos from recent game drives presented this week. Choosing one is becoming incredibly more difficult, but I ended up choosing Chris’s Senegal Bush male in total vertical alignment, climbing up that tree – incredible view of the placement of his two front legs! Close second is the intertwining of the elephant trunks, but everyone deserves a win this week!!

There really were some great images this week. Chris’s capture of the Senegal Bush Male ascending the tree is a great display of the strength and power of a male leopard.

A close run as always, but my favourite this week has to be Chris’ amazing image of the Senegal Bush male climbing the tree.

Thank you so much, Suzanne. I agree it is a fantastic shot.

Such a tough choice! But the image of the sleeping 3 Rivers Female creates such a placid mood – it feels like you could reach out and stroke her belly.
I have to admit I have never been fond of hyenas, I think Disney movies as a kid ruined them for me…but the pictures of the cubs were adorable. As always, every picture captures a special mood – the elephants, so majestic! Thank you for sharing all of them!

The Three Rivers Female pic is such an iconic shot of her draped over the branch. Hyenas’ reputation was soiled by Disney and how they were always portrayed in a negative light, but when you get to spend some time with the young hyenas that perception is rapidly swayed to a more positive one.

I’m definitely keeping an open mind about them now, and am going to spend some time learning more about them.

Senior Digital Ranger

hard to choose. both elephant pictures.

Thank you so much, Sandra. The elephant shots are beautiful.

What a gorgeous collection of images. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much, Betty-Lou.

Oh, my gosh, this is a tough one! The tiny elephant with Mom, the beautiful, graceful Three Rivers female, the fantastic hyena cub photos, so many!!! But I have to pick the Senegal Bush male stretched out, muscles apparent in his ascent of the tree! FANTASTIC capture! And I do know how fast that action occurs!

I think you are with most people in favouring of the Senegal Bush Male ascent. It really is a great shot. But the baby elephant is a close second.

It was one big “Awwwww…..” seeing the elephants embracing.

The elephant’s embrace is a special image.

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh, gosh, so many wonderful photos to choose from! I have to pick the Senegal Bush Male going up the tree looking almost like he’s flying up it with his feet hanging like that! Also, his portrait shot with those torn up ears is awesome!

The shot of the Senegal Bush Male ascending the tree gives you an appreciation of the speed, strength and agility of a large male leopard.

Senior Digital Ranger

Truly gorgeous photos. Is the Tsalala female still hanging out with her aunt?

Thank you so much, Johanna. No, sadly not. The Mahgeni Lioness is now back with her pride and so the Tsalala Lioness as been roaming around by herself for the last few weeks.

My oh my too difficult to choose! So many superb pictures. I thought to pick up the Three Rivers female for sure, then also the Tsalala female and at last saw the Xinzele cub! Each picture is special, also the elephants the agama and of course the Senegal Bush male

Thank you so much, Francesca. There are so many stunning pictures to choose from.

Best photos are the 3 rivers female sleeping on the branch and Senegal Bush male doing the vertical ascent

Thank you so much, Kristin. Those two seem to be the favourites.

Sean, my favorite picture is the also the three rivers female sleeping on a fallen branch. Looks like a good napping place.

Thank you so much, William. She does make it look particularly comfortable.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow, wow, wow!! What week you had.. Leopards, lions & dogs, Oh my! Thank you for the fantastic photos and the stories that went along with them.

Thank you so much, MJ. It was a great week with some incredible imagery coming out.

Great pics Sean and an interesting blog. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much, Leonie. The pictures make my life a little easier.

Senior Digital Ranger

Do you know why the tsalala lioness is no longer with her new friend. I was so happy for her when she found a friend and now she’s gone how very sad

The Mhangeni Lioness has gone back to her natal pride, where the Tsalala Female is unlikely to be accepted.

Sean my favorite foto the Senegal bush with that brutal force ascending up the tree and secondly would be the Xinzele’s shy leopard cub. Beautiful foto’s this week again Sean.

Senegal Bush male always looks so determined and strong!

Master Tracker

Great photos – as always

Digital Tracker

Wow, wow, wow! How do we choose out of these spectacular pics this week? I truly can’t pick one! I love ALL the elephant pics, the agama on the tree, the stunning shot of the Three Rivers Female on the tree, the spectacular shots of the lionesses, the hyenas and wild dogs – brilliant! Well done all 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Thank you so much, Carly. There are some amazing pics this week.

It is hard to choose the favorite picture. When I see them I always think, wow, that’s it. Then the next one comes up, another “wow”.
I think this times it’s the elephants lined up after their drink. Wonderful picture! However. also the Senegal leopard climbing that tree is fantastic, as are all the others.

I think a fair few people went with the Senegal Bush Male leaping into the tree. But the elephants are always amazing.

My favorite this week was the young elephant calf crossing the river with its mother. I loved the variety this week. It’s always great to see the beautiful Tsalala lioness. The tree agama and the hyena mother (showing her teeth) and cub were also nice surprises.

I love the little elephants too. They are such entertaining little things.

Loved them all again. Favourites where the mother and elephant calf. the mail tree agama as well as the Senegal Bush Male ascending the tree.

Thank you so much, Kara. Those are some great choices.

Thanks again for these stunning sightings!…. The sadness in the eyes of the gorgeous Tsalala Princess ( now Queen) is so obvious to me now that she’s living life alone again …hope she finds company shortly… . She’s so resilient and brave, just like her mother… She needs the comfort and the support of another lioness…crossing fingers

Very beautiful photos, as always……but Senegal Bush Male/Kunyuma always steals my heart!

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