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Shannon was first exposed to Londolozi as a guest when she was a young girl. Straight away she was in awe at the warm feeling she got from the people and the place. After growing up in Johannesburg she graduated with honours in ...

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on Life at Play ~ Children on Safari

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Beautiful blog Shan … the memories of how much fun you and Matt had on our special family time at Londolozi brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye ❤️

Thanks mom, I have you and dad to thank for all of the magical times we had here together as a family!

Great story Shannon, you made your playful dream come true. No matter what, as a child playing and dreaming that one day you would be Ranger or Tracker or whatever, always is so true to your feelings. You are very privileged to work and stay at the Paradis Londolozi, where all the different animals are playing and interacting is a life long journey. Enjoy every minute of it and keep your childhood dream alive as long as you can.

Thank you so much, Valmai. There is no greater playground than this paradise here at Londolozi!

Great personal story/insight.
Images clearly showed that “others” can play while you’re on safari!

Thank you, Vin.

Shannon, my very best wishes for you as you continue to fulfill your dream working in the bush at Londolozi. Keep taking great pictures.

Thank you so much, William.

Hi Shannon, the Nkoveni young females are almost a miracle, you may issue a documentary film about their life! Lovely article we hope to live the atmosphere of Londolozi ourselves one day, it has been a dream since I watched Dave Varty’s film on the Mother Leopard!

Thank you, Francesca. We look forward to welcoming you home to Londolozi one day too!

Anyone lucky en0ugh to be in the bush as a kid, is a VERY lucky person, indeed! Such magic!

I really do consider myself to be very lucky indeed, Lisa.

What a special blog from you today Shannon! As I read your memories of holiday adventures in Londolozi, I felt your childhood excitement permeating each sentence – from your vantage point in the tracker’s seat, to looking for the best trees to climb and compiling your list of birds seen that day in anticipation of a Dave Varty quiz! I know your realize how special your early life adventures were, that are not afforded to most, but your advice to parents is spot on, that to expose their children to a safari experience is one of the best gifts they can give them, besides their love.

Thank you so much, Denise. Our memories as a family at Londolozi will always be ones I cherish forever!

Good stuff Shannon. Rnjoyed reading your story.

Thank you so much, Andrew & Daniel.

Thank you for sharing your passion and memories – beautiful post and wonderful to see your childhood dream come true. Our favourite and most meaningful times as a family are spent travelling together, and though my kids are not little anymore (son is 19, daughter is 16) we are so lucky to be coming to Londolozi next summer. My great hope is that they will experience a sense of awe and wonder and that they will seek that feeling out throughout their lives – awe, joy, passion, and yes – playfulness – life worth living! Thanks Shannon, for reminding us of the importance of play no matter how old we are!

Thank you so much, Kylea. We are looking forward to welcoming you home at Londolozi next year, and I hope that you and your family have many fun-filled days together with us whilst on your safari adventure.

Great blog.
It’s so good when children have the opportunity to visit the wilderness and get acquainted with wild animals.

Thank you, Christa. I couldn’t agree with you more.

What a lovely post. Great to learn how your childhood shaped your future passions in the wild. Absolutely more children need to be out in the wild exploring rather than on the phone (although can definitely say the same for adults) we all just need to return and reconnect to nature.

Thank you, Kara. Connecting & immersing yourself in nature is the most wonderful feeling!

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