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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on The Week in Pictures #564

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Gawie Jordaan
Master Tracker

All the photos are great, but the lady Picalili is a standout!

Melinda Ruggiero

The photographs are amazing! My favorite is the wild dog. So often, we witness the frenzy of the hunt but rarely such a relaxed posture. Thank you!!!

Sandra Scott
Senior Digital Ranger

Favorite is picture of wild dog

Camille Koertner
Senior Digital Ranger

Jocelyn Kirst’s stork is majestic, but I am “overly excited” about her capturing the the pose of the Piccadilly female leopard on the boulders!!!

Darlene Knott
Master Tracker

No doubt here, the photo of the Three Rivers female, a close second would be her son on the prowl! Thanks for sharing!

Karin Sorkin

Any update on the cubs of the three rivers female?

Leonie De Young
Master Tracker

Some really great pics and a nice mix of wildlife. Thank you for sharing.

Doug Hammerich
Digital Tracker

I really like the photo of the fish eagles. Amazing to see the pair of them together.

Marcia Parker
Digital Tracker

The fish Eagle pair wins this week for me. ❤️👍🤩

William Paynter
Master Tracker

Sean, as always superb pictures this week. I like the black and white of the Three Rivers young male as my favorite. Incredible shot face on.

Francesca Doria
Master Tracker

As usual all images are superb, but I particularly like the way mother and son cheetah are synchronised both in pace and look towards you. They almost mirror each other…

Chelsea Allard
Master Tracker

I love the black and white face of the Three Rivers Young Male this week. You can tell he’s focusing intently on something. 🐾

Kara Taylor
Master Tracker

Another tremendous week in pictures. Favourites are the Piccadilly female on the boulders and Three Rivers male club in black-and-white as well as the stork at sunset.Really all terrific though !!

Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

Each week brings a unique selection of photos, making a single choice difficult, but I love the silhouettes of the hippo and stork by Kirst. That golden orange reflection in the water is stunning!! Thanks Sean.

Valmai Vorster
Master Tracker

Hi Sean, my favorite this week is the Three Rivers female call her male cub. Loved the foto of the Fish eagle pair.

Christa Blessing
Master Tracker

As every week, it’s really hard to decide which picture I like best. They are all wonderful.
I admire the sunset with stork and hippo, and the photo of the pair of fish eagles is certainly very special.
However, the elephant in this greenery is so beautiful nd of course all my favorite cats as well. The colors of the wild dog lying in the sun are just amazing.
Anyway, Thanks all of you for the great photos!

Michael Fleetwood
Master Tracker

Great set of pictures this week Londolozi team! The Three Rivers Female’s golden coat shows beautifully in the first shot! The fish eagle one is a favorite too! Do you all still see the Piccadilly Female’s daughter? I would imagine she’s starting to become territorial now?

Lori Dove

My vote goes to the Three Rivers young male B&W pic…stunning!

Lisa Antell
Master Tracker

Hi Sean. Gorgeous photos as always! Who is the presumed father of the Three Rivers Young Male? Very curious… he looks a lot like Hosana or Quarantine!

Carly M
Digital Tracker

Great pics! My fave is the pair of African Fish Eagles – such a beautiful pic! I also loved the Three Rivers Female on the branch.

Vin Beni
Master Tracker

Intriguing photo of the Yellow-Billed Stork by Kirst.

Michael and Terri Klauber
Master Tracker

Thanks for a much appreciated break Sean! We are recovering from Hurricane Ian hitting our city and your blog came in just in time to distract us from the cleanup for a few minutes! We loved all the Cheetah images and Jess’s shot of the Cheetah drinking is our favorite! Wish we were at Londolozi right now!

Betty-Lou Luijken
Senior Digital Ranger

I love all the pictures, but the ones that stand out the most for me are the Piccadilly female and the Three Rivers young male. The first one because of the scene and the light and the second one because of the position of the leopard. It seems like he is looking at you in a very intense way. It’s because of the fact that the leopard has a higher position than the photographer. I like the black and white also, but I wonder what it looks like in colour.

Debra Matott
Senior Digital Ranger

The fish eagles are the best of the week for me! They are one of my favorite birds! After that the beautiful sunset, also, by Kirst!

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