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Stone Drift 3:2 Female

Stone Drift 3:2 Female

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Xinkhova 2:2 Female

Xinkhova 2:2 Female

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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Ross was born and raised in Durban, spending many a family holiday in the northern parts of KwaZulu Natal. It is here that his love and passion for the African Bush developed. He decided to combine his love of working with people and ...

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on Learning from Life

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I had the pleasure of meeting Life. He had to get me to the airport on time. Exactly at the same time South Africa were playing Rugby against England. We both agreed the Rugby was very important and we “flew” to the airport to ensure the match was not missed. As we all know South Africa won and went on to win overall. Great personality and good fun.

Hi Susan, I’m glad Life managed to get you to the airport on time, and that you managed to watch the game. I completely agree with you, I am very privileged to spend so much time with such a great man.

Thank you for sharing your early experiences Ross, as later you’ll look back at this blog and realize how much you’ve learned from not only Life, but also from your own immersion into nature. Good luck and have fun.

Thank you Denise, I cannot wait to reflect on this post in years to come and look back on the many lessons I have learnt.

How great to have such a wise partner to learn from. Nature is The Now, the present, the only time.

I completely agree. Indeed i am very lucky.

My next life I want to do what you all do! So wonderful!

It must be really so exciting to start as a young guide at Londolozi and it is great that you can benefit from Life’s knowledge and experience in the bush. 20 years of experience. It would be interesting to know what Life has seen and heard and experienced and what his best adventure with animals was.

Life has some phenomenal stories, I’m always in such awe of some of the stories and experiences he has to share.

Ross your career has just started and being paired up with Life Sibuyi and his experience of over 20 years is going to bring you lots of knowledge, wisdom in nature. Take every word he says and saver it because it will stand you in good stead in your on going career. Thanks to people like Life who share there knowledge and experiences with you so that you can grow and become a formidable Ranger. Good luck to both of you.

Hi Valmai, thank you so much. I am extremely lucky to be able to learn from such an experienced man.

Always happy to wear my Springboks jersey! We were there for the unfortunate loss to the All Blacks in 2015.

We certainly picked the right game to go to, it was so special to share that experience with him.

Ross, what a wonderful way to start your career. Learning from a valued partner and colleague is invaluable. Keep u[ the good work.

Thank you so much William. It has been an incredible start to my guiding career and I am looking forward to the continuous learning

Thank you for sharing these experience Ross!!

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