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Harleigh was born in Surrey, England. She moved to Johannesburg at the age of 7 where the family frequented the Kruger Park at every chance they could. Harleigh's love for nature resulted in her studying a BSc in Zoology and Physiology in Cape ...

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on What Lessons Can We Take from Permaculture Gardening?

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Fascinating ideas and tipps regarding sustainability.

So informative Harleigh and as you say, each of the 6 principles outlined can be enacted upon by everyone whether living on acreage or in an apartment. While all the points are important it is the 5th principle regarding enriching and nurturing the soil that resonated with me the most. As you say soil is the gardener’s most valuable asset. Looking forward to reading the remaining 6 principles! Thanks.

Master Tracker

Super article and love the ethos behind it . One of the things I regret about my stay at Londolozi was not asking for a tour of the gardens .

Thank you Harleigh for continuing to educate us on the power of permaculture. Whilst I can’t apply some of these methods/lessons in my particular situation, I really like the idea of growing whatever we can for use in the kitchen. I’ve a wonderful botanical garden nearby that sells healthy, native plants that do well in this part of California, looking for flowering drought resistant items that will attract bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. So far it’s working and I’m pleased to see so many more bees. Looking forward to the next six lessons.

Harleigh, the idea of reusing everything we can is very appealing. Putting back into the earth is what every good farmer tries to do to sustain his land and thus his crops.

Good read and lots of educational insight, thank you so much. Much better to work with nature than against it.

I loved this article! Gardening is a life source in many ways and for me, it’s about nurturing something so fundamental that nourishes more than our bellies. Gardening feeds the soul, and it’s wonderful to see your garden in the wilds. I’ve often wondered what your unique challenges would be; summer heat, monkeys, water supply? Overcoming these make a harvest that much more fulfilling, right? It’s so much like life.

Thank you for sharing so more young people can know the joys of gardening.


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