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Harleigh was born in Surrey, England. She moved to Johannesburg at the age of 7 where the family frequented the Kruger Park at every chance they could. Harleigh's love for nature resulted in her studying a BSc in Zoology and Physiology in Cape ...

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on Sustainability Series Part 2 – An Interview with Chris Goodman

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If and when I can get back to Londolozi I would love a behind the scenes tour

you have already achieved so much concerning sustainability and living in an ecologically friendly way at Londolozi. Indeed you are a model for lots of other places. So also all your guests can enjoy the luxury and comfort of Londolozi without having a bd conscience because of the environment.

Haleigh, This story is one of the most interesting we have read in the blogs! Thank you for bringing light to the incredible work that Chris and the Varty family have done to thoughtfully incorporate sustainable practices throughout the camp. Most guests would not be aware of the serious commitment to permaculture and sustainability that exists at Londolozi. We felt very lucky to spend time with Chris in 2019 as the solar panels went live. His passion, knowledge and ability to explain the complicated mechanics behind the scenes in an uncomplicated way, made it easy to understand. Truly the work that Londolozi is continuing to expand on will be a great example and template of modern conservation that we can only hope others will follow! Please send our best wishes to Chris!

Good afternoon Michael and Terri, thank you for your response. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such incredible, forward thinking minds and look forward to what the future holds! I will send your regards on to him!

This wonderful story off Londolozi continues. Great recap of many years of hard work and effort allowing nature to recapture its life.

This is a lovely blog and I take my hat off to all of you at Londolozi for what you are doing for both humans and wildlife. I applaud the fact that it also benefits the surrounding communities – a win-win for all concerned. Thank you for all you do.

Wonderful insight on how a person can reinvigorate permaculture. Very interesting and very rewarding to everyone. Dr Ken Tinley was certainly the driving force behind the land restoration and now Chris Goodman is caring on the good work. Proof is certainly in the pudding, look at the bountiful land lush and green and lots of water. Animals are plentiful and well feed. Londolozi the place to be forsure.

Nicely written Harleigh and changes most of us would not notice without your words, so thank you and well done! We look forward to watching for these things on our next visit. Very nice peek under the Londolozi bonnet!

You folks are on a roll with great blog pieces. A big THANK YOU to Chris for what he is doing and to Harleigh for writing this! We all need to do our part – like you say, just take the next step from wherever one is now. My husband and I are converting a piece of American midwest farmland back into prairie, and when we bring a group of 15 there in November I am so proud to show our friends what Londo is and does!

Harleigh, thank you for this fantastic informative interview with Chris Goodman. I believe it’s important to not only your guests but all your readers of the Blog, the steps Londolozi has taken to incorporate permaculture and sustainability into the everyday workings of this amazing property. I really appreciate knowing the measures that have been taken by a property to reduce its carbon footprint in nature and Londolozi is certainly a leader in this respect.

Possibly the best blog I have read on the Londolozi site ‼️What the Varty’s have done, with the help of Dr. Ken Tinley and Chris Goodman and I’m sure the whole Londo family combined, brings hope and a positive outlook to the future for our children’s children. Well done Harleigh. I will definitely be sharing this to inspire future generations. 🙏🏻💗

Hi there Cally!
Indeed, we hope that the current and future generations will be inspired by what goes on here to carry on their own sustainable journeys wherever they go 😊

Thank you, Ian, for this uplifting chronicle. I look forward to what’s next and utilizing it at home.

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