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Tristan is a Zimbabwean born journalist. He grew up moving farms in his home country and moved to South Africa to attend Rhodes University. With a passion for wildlife, it was a natural progression that he gravitated to Londolozi. He worked in the ...

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on Waste Management at Londolozi

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Master Tracker

Super article. Londolozi are streets ahead of our local council.
It’s amazing what can be recycled (I’ve been recycling my jokes for years) . About twenty five years I asked questions about recycling and sustainability at a lodge in Kenya, to be told “you’re the first to have asked”
Things like bucket showers (warmed by the sun) make you appreciate the scarcity of things like water in an arid or desert environment

Thanks Ian. Its good to hear your kind words. had a chuckle at your joke recycling. Londolozi’s sustainability is something we try to integrate into the guest experience. We feel it’s necessary to involve our Londolozi family in positive steps we are taking by opening our back of house to guests

Continuation of the progressive thinking and planning of the leadership team which has enhanced the work of the local neighbors.

Agreed Vin, and it takes constant work to ensure that this remains the case!

Congratulations on your efforts in recycling. So many businesses and people do not even try to recycle properly. Keep up the good work as it. makes our world more sustainable for our futures.

I completely agree William and Londolozi always ensures they are open to new ways of thinking. We will continue our efforts!

Good to know that there is an excellent waste management at Londolozi

Great feedback, but you have sold yourselves short – what about your cutting edge waste water (sewage) treatment plant – was treated to a tour of your back-of-house facilities during our visit and was blown away !

I wasn’t even able to get into that Mike! but I think I’ll make a note and the water treatment plant could use an entire blog of its own. Thank you for your input

Thanks Tristan! The work that Londolozi and your extended team is doing to help change our future is a great example for others to watch and learn from!

Only a pleasure Michael and Terri! It feels incredible to be in this forward thinking place driving solutions

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for another lesson in sustainability…and for sharing the memory of those very fast and clever monkeys!!!

I’m hope you enjoyed the sustainability discussion Camille. Those monkeys are nifty little things, love them!

Bravo for your leadership in this critical area, and special kudos to the sustainability team and the community members they work with!!!

Thank you for your kind words Paul. I will share them with the sustainability team! Our partnerships with surrounding communities will continue to grow and strengthen because of their work.

Terrific information and tips for recycling waste Tristan. I think the Eco Brick filled with non recyclable plastics is a great school project. The students can enjoy the contents of the 2 liter bottle and then collect the plastic waste to fill it.

Brilliant idea Denise! and I’m really glad you enjoyed the information and tips.

Great blog about a vitally important topic for everyone. As it’s been several years since I’ve been to Londolozi, are guests given plastic bottles of water or water bottles that are refillable?

Hey Jeff, thanks for your kind words! Londolozi now use glass water bottles. We reuse these bottles as much as possible and then Shodulla recycling (mentioned in the article) recycle and produce them.

Brilliant to hear how far you are going to make a difference ! Bravo to the Londo team 👍👌🏻🙏🏻💕

Thank you Cally and we’ll continue to drive this!

To all at Londolozi – you are all champions and thank you for caring for our Mother Earth. A great article and you should all be proud of what you are doing. Thank you so much.

It warms my heart to hear your kind words Leonie! Big smiles reading this:)

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