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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #106

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Great video of Wild Dogs doing what they do.

Thank you so much, Jef. It was such a great sighting.

Sean, thanks you for the video of the wild dogs and Avoca male. The interaction between the wild dogs and hyenas was fascinating to watch.

Thank you so much, William. It is probably one of my favourite interactions to watch out here.

Senior Digital Ranger

Can you please give the lion with the injury one meal, so he can get out of the sun a better chance of recovery and maybe make it back to his pride

Thank you for keeping your eye on the DARK MANE Avoca, I have followed him and kept tabs on him for the last couple of years. He is an awesome LION I love him. It is very normal for him to lay out in the hottest sun, he has been seen doing it a lot ! Just watch out baby elephants he can still get up and move so fast he went for a baby elephant not long ago at the Vuyatela damn. Thanks again for all you do I thoroughly enjoy your beautiful & stunning camera skills !! These safaris they are always so informative and I can keep up on my favorite characters from the bush thanks again for keeping us updated on our beloved Dark Mane Avoca I hope he meets up with his brothers Mohawk & Blondie just one more time.

Thank you so much. It was great to see the Dark-maned Avoca Male again and I am sure he is doing alright now. We haven’t seen him since then so I presume he is back in the north.

Oh, it would be great to have another dog den on Londolozi and documented! Really looking forward to that and thanks for this vlog!

It would be so great to have another wild dog den on Londolozi. However, I think the chances are so slim that it will happen. We can live in hope.

Senior Digital Ranger

Fascinating the way that impalas run. I haven’t figured out how it is very efficient, but it seems to be very effective. Also, very interesting to compare wild dogs and hyenas.

It is interesting to see them running in that way. The gait is known as spotting and is not efficient at all, but I believe that the intention of that gait is to advertise how athletic they are in the hopes that the wild dogs rather move on and choose another victim that appears less athletic.

Hi Sean, wow that was certainly exhilarating action. I can just imagine being a guest on the Land Rover and you chasing after the wild dogs where ever they go. You Rangers can handle a vehicle very well in all circumstances. I felt sorry for the impala’s, but that is life in the wild, raw and ruthless. Glad to see the pregnant Alpha female again and I really do hope they den on Londolozi again. I wonder what happend to
Northern Avoca Males head. Hope he recovers quickly.

It was such an amazing sighting to be a part of. I agree it is raw and ruthless but it is vital for the survival of the wild dogs and is just pure nature at its best demonstrating the circle of life.

Wonderful to have been able to spend a whole morning with the Wild Dogs Sean,. witnessing not one but two kills and the interaction with the Hyena. I felt for the poor pregnant alpha female trying to keep up and do hope that she managed to get a bite or two or at least some regurgitated dinner! It would be just wonderful if they den on Londolozi again 🙏🏻. I still recall the last lots of puppies emerging for the first time when I shared Jess’s (I think it was Jess) tears of joy and excitement. Wouldn’t it be magical if your guests and us distant viewers got to enjoy a similar moment again!!! As for the Northern Avoca male …it sounds as if he is really not that well. Do hope when you next see him he would have joined his brothers and enjoyed a meal 🙏🏻

I felt so sorry for the alpha female too, she looks so uncomfortable. I am sure she would have got something to eat at some point. It would be amazing if we could have another wild dog den on the property, but the chances are very slim.
Yes, it was Jess. I am hoping that we get to see that again and will do our best to document as much as we can for everyone out there that watches our Virtual Safari.

Senior Digital Ranger

That was very exciting! I love how you can usually find a hyena following behind the dogs to steal their meal! Momma looks like she is ready to have pups anytime now, what a belly! Crossing fingers it’s on Londolozi! Poor Dark Mane, he probably has a headache from that injury, it looks painful but not really infected. Hoping he heals soon. Thanks for the video!

The alpha female certainly looks as though she is just about to pop.
I am sure the Dark-maned Northern Avoca Male will heal soon.

That was certainly an exciting ride along today Sean. It’s so exciting to know that the alpha female is due give birth soon, and of course, all fingers are crossed she chooses a den on your side of the boundary. She looks like she’s ready to drop her litter any day now. Hunts are exciting but end so quickly, especially when there are so many to feed. You captured some great video for this.
The Avoca male doesn’t look in good shape but as you say, they are resilient and rest and a good feed could put him back in fighting form. Enjoy your week!

It is so exciting that there are wild dogs around and likely to give birth soon if she hasn’t already.

How wonderful that the wild dogs are on Londolozi again and will maybe den there!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
And yes, seeing such a kill is a bit cruel to watch, but it is at least, as you said, a quick and efficient death for the victim.
Great video

Thank you so much, Christa. It has been great seeing the wild dogs again. We hope they hang around here.

It would be fantastic to have another opportunity to observe wild dog pups.
On what part of the property did you find the Avoca male?

We are hoping that we have another den on the property but sadly I think the chances are so slim.
The Northern Avoca Male was seen just to the west of the Londolozi camps.

I prefer scenes like motherhood or peaceful ones. There’s enough violence in our world and I’m accustomed to predators who kill their prey in a more sophisticated way. My favourite African predator is the leopard, Ethiopian wolf, foxes or small cats also for this reason. Wish well to the Avoca male although this is nature as well…

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