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Kelly was born and raised in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. From an early age she had a passion for hosting, entertaining and cooking. After completing her Bachelors of Education, she went on to receive a diploma in Patisserie. After living in London for a ...

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on The Londolozi Food Experience

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Fantastic food display, only wish I were there to enjoy. Good eating to all!

Can’t beat any of the breakfast options; loved the Londolozi gnocchi!

Mmmmh! It all looks so delicious and I can assure everyone, in my experience of food at Londolozi: everything also tastes delicious. Indeed, Like breakfast best, either in camp or as a picknick breakfast. There is nothing better than having breakfast or dinner in the bush. The first one preferably after a longish walk and the letter one under a starry sky .

Exquisite menu! It seems that Londolozi has been famous for its kitchen as well as landscapes, animals and flowers!

I remember the multi-berry sauce (?) on the morning buffet that I would put over the yogurt. Heaven in the morning! I’ve tried to replicate it at home but the yogurt available in Hawai’i is not the same. I’ll have to learn to make my own yogurt.

Kelly, We have always shared our appreciation for the amazing meals that we devour at Londolozi with anyone who will listen! Your reminder of all the incredible meals has our mouths watering and we can’t wait to return to see what is new!

Oh Kelly, where to start? I was fortunate enough to spend a week there last April and each day brought a new variety of dishes. A few favorites included the avocado toast with bacon and poached egg at breakfast, the burrata or shrimp salads for lunch and the most delicious short ribs one night for dinner.

But then there was the Easter party – a sumptuous brunch buffet that made choosing almost impossible, except for the jaffle, a first for me. I was hooked so much that a few days later I was treated to a jaffle brunch in the dry Maxabene riverbed – priceless!
Not only is the animal viewing 5 star and the accommodations, but the meals served are perfect for whatever mood you’re in, whether it be plant based for breakfast and meat for dinner. Thanks for sharing your favorites and photos.

Hi Kelly, all those scrumptious dishes look so inviting. Everyone at Londolozi goes out of their way to make everything perfect for the guests. Chefs and staff are the best and the the Excecutive Chef does wonders with the menu and creating new ideas and dishes each time. We’ll done!!! to all involved.

Wow, it all sounds so wonderful. My mouth is watering! Thank you for the great descriptions and photos.

Kelly, just looking at that food makes my mouth water – looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

YUM! Everything looks beautiful and delicious!!

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