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on Meet Londolozi’s Newest Executive Chef

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great blog
just got back from Londolozi and the food was spectacular
the highlight being my Birthday breakfast in the Bush
be back soon!!

Welcome to your new Adventure! we look forward tasting and enjoying your delicious meals! Victoria

Amanda, thanks for introducing another aspect of creating a memorable safari. The soup looks absolutely delicious.

Chané, congratulations on becoming Executive Chef! We enjoyed hearing your story and are sure we must have crossed paths during one of our Londolozi visits! We look forward to seeing you and tasting some of your inspired dishes. You do have an amazing team surrounding you, and of course that beautiful new kitchen to create in! We wish you much good luck and hope to be “home” at Londolozi again soon!

Lovely blog Amanda. Big congrats to Chane.

Congratulations to Chane’ on her appointment to executive chef. Whilst I personally missed meeting her, I certainly enjoyed the meal selections each day. The culinary team at Londolozi is extraordinarily talented as I’ve experienced, so much so that when I asked the Founders’ staff about a salad I’d enjoyed on a previous trip, magically it appeared for lunch! Besides packing patience and a camera for a visit, one best bring an appetite as well!

Senior Digital Ranger

Enjoyed your interview. As someone that has lived and traveled in Asia, mostly Japan, extensively, I can relate. There is nothing quite like slurping a bowl of homemade soba noodles or ramen. Hope to visit when the pandemic abates.

Such a good blog Amanda and it is wonderful to see the people behind the scenes are getting credit for what they do. Being a chef and now a executive chef Chané has worked herself up to that position. She has traveled abroad and picked up a lot of experience in different cuisine cooking, which stands her now in good stead. Well done Chané and keep up the good work and keep on spoiling the guest of Londolozi with your tasty dishes.

Dear Chané, I just loved your food at Londolozi. Every meal was so delicious! And I will never forget your five course dinner, the lovely breakfast baskets and the farewell pizza in the bush.

Wow…..Tom yum in the bush…. Can’t wait!

Congratulations Chané! And also, that Tom Yum looks Yum Yum 😉

Congratulations Chane on your promotion ! Look forward to enjoying some of your delish dishes soon..we hope !🙏😉

A nice blog Amanda and Chane’s description of the food made my mouth water. Would love to try some of the dishes. I wondered if Anna was still at Londolozi. She used to give up some of her recipes for us to try. Thanks for sharing with us.

This young Chef Chané Devonport brought a lot of experience with her when she joined the Londolozi family of chefs team. Congratulations on your promotion to Executive Chef. Your meals that are displayed look absolutely delicious.

Senior Digital Ranger

Congratulations Chane on your appointment as Exec chef and thank you Amanda for a lovely blog . Chane – we really enjoyed sone of your creative twists on our previous Londolozi trip, definitely pushing the Londos food boundaries – a great sense of excitement and enjoyment in the cooking from the whole culinary team. Looking forward with anticipation to our next trip .

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