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Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Maxim's 5:3 Male

Maxim's 5:3 Male

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Ndzutini 3:4 Female

Ndzutini 3:4 Female

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Nweti 4:2 Male

Nweti 4:2 Male

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on The Week in Pictures #521

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Lovely, thank you. Nice new female!

It is great to see a new female. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of her going forward.

TWIP is one of my favorite posts. The pictures this week certainly capture the wildlife at spring time. Thanks Sean and keep the pics coming!

TWIP is always a great post as it allows us to show off the magnificence of this wonderful place.

Senior Digital Ranger

Love all the pics especially the tawny eagle photo! The lighting and colors just compliment each other!

Thank you so much, Debra. It was indeed a stunning scene, I am just happy the photo turned out pretty well.


Thank you so much, Elme. Let us hope and pray that things can return to some form of normal as soon as possible.
The Dung beetles are awesome animals.

A real virtual travel to Londolozi in the luxury summer! I love all photos, the big cats are lovely the cheetah cub so precious! The leopard ladies are full of grace and the males power in person. I love the snail, the beetles, the guinea fowl, the eagles the hippo pod and the elephant. Looking forward to Mashaba ‘s news!

Thank you, Francesca. I am glad you love all the images.

I’ve always been interested in how the ancient Egyptians viewed the dung beetle and his ball of dung as an illustration of the sun god moving the sun across the sky.

It is fascinating, the creativity always interests me.

I love the Senegal male’s eyeliner so much! 😉

He does have dark eye rings, they accentuate his eyes and make him look pretty mean.

Many lovely photos as usual! Favorites are the African Hawk Eagle, and the cheetah. 😁

Thank you, Marcia. Those are some good choices.

Great photos.
I love the one of the guinea fowl. The colors are quite special.

Thank you, Christa.

Loved the cheetah neck fur.
Brilliant staging of the guineafowl image.

Thank you, Vin.

Hi Londolozi team, great pictures! And thanks for the update regarding Ndzutini! She actually has some Londolozi connections. Her mother is the Tiyani female, (father is the late Hukumuri male) who is the granddaughter of the Saseka Female and cousin to the Nanga Female through her mother – the late Salayexe Female, who is the Nyeleti Female’s younger sister).

Thank you so much for that info. It is all so interconnected.

A really nice TWIP Sean. Some fantastic shots. Love the cloud formation one. I have always had a soft spot for the dung beetles. They, like ants, are really hardworking creatures and appear to have a ton of patience. Thanks for sharing with us – very enjoyable.

Thank you so much, Leonie. The cloud shot is epic, it was a massive storm that moved past. Dung beetles are awesome little creatures and do work really hard.

Wonderful, almost thoughtful photo of the Maxims male. Looking forward to seeing him again in April!

We look forward to having you back in April.

Hi Sean what beautiful foto’s again this week. The Maxims male leopard is a stunning leopard. Good to see that there is a new female leopard on Londolozi property. Loved the hippos with sun setting in the background. So maybe soon we might see new leopard cubs from my favorite female Mashaba. So wonderful to see the Nweti male in-between the two Land Rovers.

Thank you, Valmai. IT is great when we have new leopards on Londolozi. And also great to get some decent pictures of the Maxims Male during the day. We are hoping to find some cubs in the next few months from the Mashaba Female if we can find her den.

Ahh Sean, this post reminded me so much of my first trip to Londolozi, November 2018: the weather, the greenness, the dung beetles, etc.
all the photos this week are exceptional, yet there were a few stand-outs for me. Firstly, the wide angle shot of the storm clouds moving in, the fuzzy cheetah cub, Guinea fowl portrait, and the Maxim male.
It’s terrific a new, young female has made her way to the southwest section of Londolozi. Perhaps she can lure the Tortoise Pan back to where he was born.

So glad we could take you on a trip down memory lane with this TWIP. There were a number of great images this week and great to have a new female leopard around.

Master Tracker

Super photos, love the juxtaposition of the Guineafowl’s colours and the orange bokeh in the background

It was indeed a great photo of the Guineafowl.

Hi there, Sean! Thanks for the very many lovely photos! So enjoyable to see how green and wet Londolozi is! The animals are all looking in good shape too. Wendy M

Thank you, Wendy. The bushveld is looking amazing at the moment.

Sean and team, Totally fantastic images this week! We love the artistic side our you that has been showing up lately! 😉

Also, Do you have any history on the new female leopard?

We only know a little bit, she comes from the north. We go some information from Michael Fleetwood, in his comment earlier.
She actually has some Londolozi connections. Her mother is the Tiyani female, (father is the late Hukumuri male) who is the granddaughter of the Saseka Female and cousin to the Nanga Female through her mother – the late Salayexe Female, who is the Nyeleti Female’s younger sister).

Thank you so much, Michael and Terri. It has been great to experiment and try new styles.

Digital Tracker

Absolutely awesome pics this week! The pic of the storm in the distance – the beautiful clouds forming above, was my absolute favourite! Wish I was there!
Also loved the Guinea fowl, the gorgeous baby cheetah cub and the hippos at sunset. The dung beetles are brilliant too, what a fabulous pic!! Thanks guys!

Fabulous photos Kyle, Chris and Sean …Londolozi is looking stunning and it seems everything has come out to welcome the change. The cheetah cub definitely has to be my fav this week as they are a rare sight indeed and to have such a lovely portrait of her is rather special indeed. Would be wonderful if the Nzuthini female settles to make Londolozi her home and that there might be some new blood to enjoy soon. Hoping for you all that this new wave will not last too long and that we can all escape to enjoy the african sunset soon !!!!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for the wonderful blog. Ndzutini is busy looking for a territory, I hope she finds one where we can follow her journey. Here is some information found on her FB page:
Born: December 2018 on Simbambili
Spot Pattern: 3:3
Mother: Tiyani
Father: Hukumuri
Names means: One who likes shade
Littermate: None known

Ndzutini is looking gorgeous! Hope that she stays on Londolozi so that I may see her someday!

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