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Nkoveni 2:2 Female

Nkoveni 2:2 Female

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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

Nhlanguleni 3:2 Female

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Dean de la Rey

Alumni Ranger

Dean was a guide at Londolozi from 2018 to 2022. He grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember ...

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Marvelous photos. For those of us that can’t afford and/or unable to travel, I look forward to these from you all! The Sengel Bush Male’s name was Kunyuma, correct? I started watching SafariLive when he was but a very small cub. Loved watching him and his brother and mother Karula. I may not be able to see them in person but I have 100’s of screen shots. I do my local critters, like fox, deer and raccoon in my own backyard. Birds, Butterflies and Flowers are the main focus. Thanks again for your talent sure does shine through. Loved the half face of the Buffalo and the Heart of the Waterbuck.

Senior Digital Ranger

Loved your introductory words Dean and Sir David Attenborough’s quote, they are certainly the ethos of what Londolozi stands for. Pictures are as always, marvellous – The Senegal Bush male and Mashaba female are two of our favourites – having been blessed to see them both a number of times. Especially lloved the waterbuck picture with the black background. Looking so much forward to our trip at the beginning of December!.

Wonderful pics again, thank you! Esp. the waterbuck!! Seeing the buffalo, I just started wondering that their skin often seems not so good. As in, do they often have skindiseases?

Dean, what a great set of images this week! We love the creativity that you were putting into some of your photos. The black backgrounds white backgrounds really highlight the incredible features of the wildlife you were shooting. Keep it up. We love it and thanks! Are you doing the editing in Lightroom? Is there a trick?

Superb pictures and animals! I have always loved waterbucks they are lovely and have a soft face. The little “Dumbo” is irresistible! All cats especially leopards are a masterwork of nature, I’m so glad to hear of Mashaba female! Love the giraffe as well. Great as always

The water buck photo is a winner. Think about offering it as a full-blown poster!

Loved the portrait style of so many of the animals featured this week, with plain backgrounds. I do agree the leopard on the ruddy termite mound created beautiful contrast.

Great technique with the waterbuck photo.
Hadn’t heard about Mashaba Female in a while–glad she’s still around.

Wonderful photos, as always. Thanks for sharing.
The waterbuck looks fantastic. But all the others are great as well.
I liked your text on nature and photography. And I do hope that taking pictures of animals and the other wonders of nature and show them to lots of people might make us all aware of what we are losing if we lose nature or parts of it.
It is a really incredible privilege to be able and see these animals in their natural habitat.

Home three weeks in Hawai’i and yearning to be back home again at Londolozi. My favorite: the waterbuck. Stunning composition.

Dean your quote from Sir David is absolutely true. Nature is special and we have to look after it in every aspect. We only have one earth and it is getting ruined by different things, pollution, climate change , just to name a few. Loved the pic of Mashaba and Senegal bush male, they are my favorite leopards. Stunning foto of the Nhlanguleni female on that red mount and also the foto of the waterbuck with black back drop. Little elephant too gorgeous for words.

Wonderful variety for the week! Love the leopard lounging and taking in the scenery! Also you can never go wrong with elephants and hippos! I love the water bucks, we don!t see them and the mother leopard and cub made my day! Thankyou! Victoria

Fantastic photos and reporting Dean, and I especially enjoyed reading the quote from David Attenborough. I have more to add but it’s just to difficult to write with one non-dominant hand. Keep posting your wonderful photos!

Some awesome pics Dean and an interesting blog. Love the Attenborough quote – he is quite a man and I love him. You are right about the wildlife photography bringing awareness to our wildlife. We need to protect it all for our future generations. Thanks for sharing – very enjoyable.

Digital Tracker

Brilliant pics this week Dean! All so different and exquisite! Love the waterbuck with the black backdrop, love the elephants amongst the dead trees – just beautiful. I also really love the half buffalo head – looks amazing!

Epic shots, Dean!

Love this week’s photos! And love getting updates on 3 leopards that I have also seen on Londolozi!

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