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At less than a year old, Kirst went to her family’s hut in the Greater Kruger National Park, and has been fortunate enough to continue to go there ever since. Sharing a passion for the bush with her family, led to countless trips ...

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on The Significance Of Seeing A Pangolin

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Kirst what a good story and lovely foto’s of this elusive nocturnal mammal. I have never seen one in all the times that we went to the Kruger. So it is wonderful to see these foto’s and see their scales, very long tong and see how they walk on their hind legs. Such a huge pity that they are hunted for their scales.

Thanks Valmai, their scales are so intricate – a very unique animal

Oh wow a pangolin! It would be a real treat for anyone I think. I loved the description and similarities with leopards i think they are both magical animals. You never stop taking us by surprise thank you!

Couldn’t agree more!

Kirst, thanks for sharing this story about Pangolins. I had little knowledge of their endangered status. Londolozi is truly a refuge for the plants and animals of Africa.

With pleasure William! We really do see some amazing sightings

Digital Ranger

It was Christmas in August! Best sighting ever and a privilege beyond compare! Thank you to you and Lucky!

Linda so happy you were able to share in that with us!

Wow, what a wonderful sighting!! I am just wondering, because you saw him/her during the day, would the animal be ok? Here when we for instance see hedgehogs during the day, we can be quite certain that something is not right, like too thin for the time of the year, or just sick. Does Londolozi have a care centre for sick animals? Especially for the really endangered ones?

Hi Irene, it was just about timing seeing the pangolin during the day as it was seeking shelter in the bush. A good sign of distress for a pangolin is when they roll up in a ball which it did not. We don’t have a care centre but if an animal that is endangered is injured we can report it to the Sabi Sands Game Reserve and monitor it from there.

Thanks Kirst! Good to read it was ‘normal bedtime’…… I was a bit worried because there are so few left.

I am so jealous!!! How wonderful to see a pangolin! Well done t o have persevered. Thank you also for the information on pangolins! Victoria

With pleasure Victoria, I am glad you enjoyed it!

What an incredible sighting! And such good luck! So far I have never ever seen a pangolin, but maybe one day….
with a bit of luck maybe.

Seeing a pangolin is on my bucket list!! Lucky you! Hope you tell that one to stick around til April when I’m there next!

Mary Beth, I will do my best!

What an incredible day Kirst and Lucky !!! Such a rare treat to find in day light and I’m sure one that will remain top of everyone’s list. Super shots and a super write up. Boy I would do anything to be treated to this unique creature’s presence, even for a minute 🙏🏻❤️

Cally I hope you get treated too! Thank you so much

Thanks Kirst, our one and only pangolin sighting was at Londolozi years ago and I think the rangers & trackers were more excited than we were. But then they explained the rareness of the animal and their most-hunted status. That was truly a once in a lifetime experience for us too!

Bob and Lucie what a special sighting you must have had!

Kirst, how lucky you were to see this pangolin! I have seen tv shows about them but to see one in the wild would be incredible. Thank you for the information on this amazing animal and the great photos.

With pleasure Barbara! They really are such interesting animals.

I really enjoyed this post! Thanks! I learned about pangolins only a few years ago because of a Nature documentary with the cute Honey Bun. There definitely is something really special about them.

I couldn’t agree more Marcia!

Senior Digital Ranger

Lucky for you guys! I’ve been going on family trips to the Kruger since the 1970s, and have never seen a pangolin. But would love to do so!

Alex I hope you see one too!

Dear Kirst. What a fascinating article and super pics of a Pangolin! Thank you very much indeed. This is one animal neither my husband or I have ever seen in the Bush unfortunately. Keep it up! Wendy and Neil M

Thank you so much Wendy and Neil, hopefully you will be able to see one of these incredible animals in the bush!

WEhat a fantastic find Kirst and Lucky. . That was a great experience for all of you to see that beautiful animal. It is sad to think that there are those who still believe animal parts have medicinal uses. I sincerely hope and pray that those living within the boundaries of Londolozi will stay safe and multiply. Thank you for sharing with us.

I ma fascinated by this animal and it is one of my favorite. I was lucky to see one in Zimbabwe while coming back from a safari drive. It was dark and the pangolin was feeding at a termite mound. We used our cell phone lights to take a few photos.

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