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James had hardly touched a camera when he came to Londolozi, but his writing skills that complemented his Honours degree in Zoology meant that he was quickly snapped up by the Londolozi blog team. An environment rich in photographers helped him develop the ...

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on World Pangolin Day

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James, thank you for sharing this message. The video is brilliantly produced and I’ve shared your blog via my Facebook link.

Hi Denise, thanks very much!

James, I loved the leopard trying to eat a palgonlin

Hi Joan,
Interestingly, a number of times when pangolins have been found it has been because we’ve found one of the big cats that has found them first, and are struggling to chew on them!

I read recently that it is possible the pangolin was the species carrier for the Corona virus in the animal to human stage of transmission. If so, it could be beneficial to pangolins, as instead of people thinking their scales are a universal cure-all they might be viewed as potential disease carriers? If demand drops, then so does trafficking.

Hi Suzanne, let’s keep fingers crossed that the demand does drop!
Best regards

Senior Digital Ranger

Love these special sweet souls so much. Thank you for bringing awareness to them 🙂

The adorable pangolin seems to rank up there with rhino horn as Medecine. We have always hoped to see one at Londolozi,but no luck. There are rumors that the pangolin is the carrier of the corona virus, maybe this will put the Chinese from wanting to eat them. Will do what I can by talking about the plight of the pangolin to people. Victoria

Thanks Victoria.
Hopefully you’ll get lucky here one day!

We, in fact, had our first pangolin sighting at Londolozi–with pretty much the same view as the photo. We left and went to Tswalu where there was an abundant number of the animals. It was fascinating walking near them as they scurried around in the desert-like conditions.

Hi Vin, was that last year? I remember having a chuckle at that as Tswalu is THE place to see them. I doubt the rangers there would have expected you to have already ticked that box at Londoz! 😉

It was after we left Londolozi in 2019. Our ranger was surprised and quickly turned his attention to the aardvarks which were also in abundance. (He had great things to say about Londolozi.)

I first learned of these shy creatures through your blog and they captured my imagination. Very glad that Londolozi is doing their part in spreading the protective word today, and I will post information about them on my social media to help out to do my part as well.

Watching Eye of the Pangolin was a real eye-opener for me, such an incredible film!

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