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Flat Rock 3:2 Male

Flat Rock 3:2 Male

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Nkuwa 3:3 Female

Nkuwa 3:3 Female

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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Three Rivers 2:2 Female

Three Rivers 2:2 Female

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on The Week in Pictures #518

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Fabulous TWIP again, Sean. Can’t wait till Monday; hopefully next week I might see some of these…..

Thank you, Suzanne. See you soon.

Great pictures this week, the Ndzenga males at 4 strong will pose quit the threat to the Birmingham males. I have a question regarding the naming of the leopards. The Ximungwe female’s previous cub, I believe, was also called the Ximungwe young male (he was/is quite the entertaining sort). Now, her current cub is being called the same name, is the first young male renamed, left the territory, or is it OK to have 2 Ximungwe young males?

Hi David, thank you for your comment. Those Ndhzenga Males are formidable, let’s hope they stick around.

The Ximungwe Female’s previous cub (born 2018) has dispersed and is now seen further north. He is now known as the Mahlahla Male.

We refer to the offspring of the leopards as cubs until they become adolescents, they are referred to as a Young Male or Young Female until the point where they become independent, this is the stage where we give them a name as a means of reference to who the individual is.

It’s big cats day… the Ndzenga males are impressive and stunning at the same time. I can’t help feeling sorry for the Birmingham though it’s nature rule. Wonderful pictures of leopard cubs and the baby elephant calf. The leopard fading to the colours of the canopy is a masterwork. Beautiful pictures of rhino and elephant but all are really great!

Thank you, Francesca. Nature is cruel but it is the way things go out here, I am sure the Birmingham Males will return for a short while but they will try avoid any confrontation.

Wow, fabulous week in pictures. Waiting to see the outcome of the inevitable clash of the lions. Thanks for TWIP!

Thanks, William. We will share the video in tomorrow’s The Week in Video.

Senior Digital Ranger

How did a leopard cub at 12 months old survive after her mom was killed. I’m glad she did, just don’t understand how

She was forced into independence and had to hunt for herself. She would catch small prey and survive on that until she could go after larger prey.

Sean this is very interesting to see the 4 Ndhzenga male lions on Londolozi and they seem to be formidable force to be reconed with. But I do feel sorry for the Birmingham brothers, for they were the dominant males. Cute little cub from the Thrre rivers female. So many foto’s this week and they are all stunning. Good to see the Flat rock male again, the Ximungwe male cub is growing up so quickly. That little elephant is to cute for words.

It is great to see these new males coming in. Let’s see what unfolds in the next few days.

I’ve never heard of the term” monkey’s wedding” before, but I’ll have to start using it. To me it looked like snow, which would have been an unlikely, but magical sight. He new male lions are impressive. So loved the large animals who shall not be named. 😉

Yes it is a quirky term to use when the sun shines through to illuminate the falling raindrops.

Love it! Thanks again and enjoy the weekend!

Thank you, Irene. Have a lovely weekend too.

Wonderful images this week, especially ne lion brothers and, of course, the leopards. When we first saw the Three Rivers female she was still a cub, happily playing in a dead tree and in the brush with her brother, just months short of their mother’s death. So good to see her grown and now a mother herself.

Thank you so much, Mary Beth. It is amazing to have seen the Three Rivers Female all grown up now and raising a cub of her own.

Great week, great pictures!
The newcomer lions are beautiful males.

They are stunning looking male lions. Thank you, Christa.

I bet it was exciting to view the beautiful new lion coalition. What was the interaction that went on with the Northern Avoca males?

Hi Chris, it was very exciting. We are putting out the story on the lions tomorrow in our virtual safari video. So all will become clearer there.

Wow Sean, the N’dzenga males are even more formidable now. I see trouble brewing on the horizon! Thank you for a grand week in pictures!

They are impressive looking males, we will have to see what unfolds in the next few days.

Senior Digital Ranger

If the lions had more land like triple what they have would they still kill other males? It seems there’s lots of females and some could go with each group of males, I’d like that to happen no cubs or lions being killed in takeovers

Can’t recall this much mutiple lion activity ever!
Gorgeous image of the Flat Rock Male under the canopy!

Hi Vin, it has been an intense week for the lions. But exciting nonetheless.

What an exciting week with the lion dynamics changing far faster than expected. My hat goes off to the Three Ruvers female who survived on her own to then go on to produce her cub. What a feat 🙏🏻. Stunning shots of the rhino and baby Eli. Always a pleasure on a Friday to see these stunning photos. Thanks Sean and team 💗

It has been an entertaining week for sure. The Three Rivers Female has done so well to get to where she is now.

Beautiful panoramic photos of the four Ndhzenga lions.

Thank you, Marcia. Their magnificence certainly does help with getting some amazing photos of them.

Digital Tracker

Wow stunning pics this week! Those male lions are incredibly impressive! They look the business – seriously powerful and intimidating! Beautiful pics of the leopard cubs too and I loved the pic of the rain falling on the elephants! Beautiful to see. Thanks!

Hi Carly, they are impressive males and we hope they are going to hang around for a bit longer.

Great photos! Wondering how the Birmingham’s will make out in all of this!

We are wondering too. Hopefully, they will be alright.

Digital Ranger

I like nature

So great to see Nkuwa looking beautiful and healthy! Saw her and her sister and mama and Flat Rock together in August 2019, and glad to see them all doing very well!

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