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Jemma grew up on a farm in the Midlands Meander in Kwa-Zulu Natal and studied at the University of Cape Town. With little bush experience but with many hours of au pairing, teaching English and forming a love for travel, Jemma found herself ...

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on Tips From Our Nature Reunion Ambassadors: Part 6

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You always take me by surprise with your articles! The deep feeling of connection with nature, leopards and lions specifically in some cases, is the most precious one can experiment. Some people call it your totem. Hopefully your passion and your connection with your totems will save them and the environment from globalisation! Inspiring, thank you!

Thank you for your kind words Francesca – I’m so glad they inspire you.

Jemma enjoying nature with something to eat and drink makes it even more special. The clean fresh air makes it possible to be out more often and it is good for your health as well. Loved all the foto’s and especially the foto from Bennet with the leopard and buffalo touching noses. That is truly a stunning foto. Thanks Jemma for all the Nature Ambassadors Part, I really enjoyed reading each person’s unique way of enjoying nature.

Thank you for following the series Valmai – I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

Fascinating and wonderful comments from all of the staff at Londolozi. Thanks for sharing everyones own and individual thoughts and experiences about nature and Londolozi. It allowed me to think about my own joy and love of the natural world.

Thank you William – glad to hear it was thought provoking for you.

Connection with nature is indeed very important. Whether it’s at home in one’s garden, on a stroll through a forest, on a wonderful drive in the bush – nothing is as relaxing and snoozing as a “bath” in nature.

Sorry mistake: soothing, of course

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your Nature Reunion Ambassador series Jemma. These pieces have highlighted several members of the Londolozi family that many of us would miss unless we were staying in their property or riding in their vehicle… it’s good to identify the various ways we can each find a way to be our own ambassador for nature and your articles have made me re-think how I spend my time in the outside world. Thank you for this enlightening finale.

Thank you for your kind words Denise – I’m so glad you got to know the Londolozi Family a little better.

I really enjoyed reading the stories of the Nature Reunion Ambassadors. What interesting and remarkable people. It’s no wonder Londolozi is such a special place! Thank you.

Thank you Barbara, we are so thrilled to hear you enjoyed it.

Roxy’s drawing of the Ndzanzeni Female leopard is hauntingly realistic. She is so talented, with her work on display throughout Londolozi including on menus and in the Healing House!
Like Jordan, we love the African sunsets and have some wonderful images of some of them throughout our home.
We have also appreciated the vista from Ximpalapala Koppie as Shannon has.
Finally, Bennett’s images are fantastic and what an opportunity it was to get the leopard/buffalo shot!

How sad that we have come to the end of the Nature Ambassadors, I have enjoyed everyone and have felt a connection with each persons views on what brings them closer to nature. In fact I for one could include that this very connection from one human to another,where one finds the pull of nature in similar ways, to be another connection to nature in itself. Simple things in life bring such pleasure and if shared, that pleasure is even more special.

Jemma, Thank you so much for the insights into so many of the Londolozi team that we have had the chance to know. The stories have been fascinating and seeing so many ways to connect with nature has inspired us to find a connection in our current surroundings at home. That will have to do until our next visit to Londolozi!

Nice to read about each individual and their thoughts. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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