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Robbie developed a passion for the African bush from many visits to his family’s small holding in a greater conservancy just outside Johannesburg. Living in the big city his whole life, he always found refuge in the outdoors and has grown to appreciate ...

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on The Week In Pictures #656

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The composition of the male kudu photo is stunning, Robbie.

Yes, there is more, far more, than the big 5 at Londolozi!

Lovely TWIP Robbie, thank you. As I’m such a sucker for cubs, my favourite this week has to be Nkoveni’s cub in the tree – gorgeous! But the owlet is fabulous too.

Master Tracker

Lovely photos – as always

TWIP’s doesn’t disappoint. My favorite is the white-bellied sunbird. The contrast with the aloe is beautiful. Thanks Robbie.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks Robbie, to many to choose from. Leopard cubs are always a favorite. Also the Bird photos are as well.

The giraffe with the moon behind her feels so magical. I also love how the kudu mimics the colors of the dead tree he’s standing next to. It’s always a joy to see sunbirds, playful cubs and young elephants, too.

Robbie your images are absolutely beautiful. My favorite for this week is the Barred Owlet with those piercing yellow eyes. Secondly the tiny elephant calf under it’s mother’s tummy.

Wonderful TWIP Robbie. In choosing favorites, I have to include your last image showcasing the giraffe at sunrise along with a stunning moon. Love its composition as well as your kudu. A couple more include the Nkoveni cub on tree and the owlet, staring with those sungold eyes.

I love all your photos, Robbie. And my favorites are the kudu male and the sunbird on an aloe. I think they are just perfect.

The little owlet is just the cutest! And the last shot with the giraffe is gorgeous!

Wow! Among the sunbird feeding on aloe nectar, the Kudu in the late afternoon sun, or the full moon, I can’t pick a favorite. How did you expose for the full moon? How much post processing did you have to do? Thanks for a great collection!

Robbie, thanks for that beautiful pictures in TWIP-love the cubs and Nkoweni

Robbie, Thanks for a wonderful set of images! You’ve been busy! Beautiful Moon shot – interesting settings to get such a great shot. We especially loved seeing the Nkoveni cub in the tree!

Hi, I’m totally lost after the Three Rivers female ‘s little girl. I never had such a feeling by watching a picture before. After saying this, I’m always in awe at the birds. The little owl is my favourite winged predator. The sunbird and the aloe bloom are fantastic. The giraffe looks absolutely lovely. Lions and leopards are always majestic, and the Nkoveni ‘s cubs and the elephant calf are adorable. I think you chose the most beautiful leopardesses, now that the Plaque Rock female is dead and the Ndzanzeni is far away. Maybe my favourite picture above all is the full moon. It’s an astrophysical event I find mesmerising. The giraffe lady at sunset is magical. The kudu is a very handsome creature and the background good. Many compliments!

Senior Digital Ranger

Super TWIP Robbie, thank you. As usual, I find it impossible to choose a favourite. The Nkoveni cubs are precious as we spent such special time with them on our recent visit with Keags and Ray. The sunbird is wonderful with the aloe; the kudu…. The giraffe … – you see my problem? Every image is so evocative .

Stunning collection of images in your TWIP Robbie!! My top choice this week has to go to your image of the male kudu. A brilliantly composed and executed image in all ways! My second choice would be the white-bellied sunbird – such a vibrant and beautiful opening image!

Beautiful shots Robbie! That one of the moon, glorious.

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