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Mahlahla 2:1 Male

Mahlahla 2:1 Male

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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on The Week in Pictures #504

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Hello, every now and then I receive the blog news as soon as I switch on my mobile and this is the case. Wonderful pictures in the winter golden light: this could be the main theme. At the University ,among the animals we had lessons about there was the Drongo. It is a smart bird not as colourful as others but very interesting. Needless to say that the rhino is the winner but I do like all pictures really. The power and at the same time the frailty of the hippo bull, the honey badger’s smile are a bonus. Big cats are as beautiful as always but even more in the golden light. Love the giraffe they are so elegant

Once again a lot of stunning foto’s Sean. Loved the leopards and it looks like the Senegal bush male keeps on stealing the female leopards kill. Ximungwe male cub is so beautiful and he must just watch out for the Senegal bush male. Plains camp male lions are stunning and hope there won’t be any fights in the future. Puppies are really growing so big and very inquisitive little dogs. Haven’t seen a lot of fotos of Honey badgers, but I do remember the one that Pete and I think it was Guy that help rescue one that was stuck in the root of a tree, they even gave him some water to drink out of a bottle.

It’s all good that Kunyuma comes to see his leopard family but no good he stole their food. Thanks for the cool pictures. I enjoy them on Fridays.

Sean, stunning pictures, especially the Rhino. The honey badger shot is great just to recognize that they are around and not lost to Londolozi. TWIP is another wonderful video safari , Thanks!

I cannot pick a favorite photo today! There are SO many terrific shots! Your honey badger photo was superb—usually so difficult to get! Loved the giraffe silhouette, the leopard photos, and that rhino with accompanying oxpecker! The wild dog puppies—well, that is a no brainer— you have to love those! Fantastic TWIP!

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So many fantastic photos, favourite has to be the rhino and ox-pecker – and as for that sweet little honey badger …


A bright beginning to my Friday was opening your blog this morning. So varied in content, impossible to choose a favorite, but the honey badger 🦡 was a stand-out. Since the Ximungwe young male is basically on his own, when will he be given a name?

Terrific TWIP again. Not often you see the words “relaxed” and “honey badger” together – definitely my ambition to see one, relaxed or otherwise! How old do you estimate the Plains Camp males are, and any idea of their history?

Another week of wonderful photos, Sean. The plains camp lions look gorgeous and so does the Ximungwe young male.
I love Chris’s photo of the rhino with the oxpecker. And I love all the other photos as well, of course.
It’s just great to be able to follow the development of those special animals from the distance. And, oh, the wild dog pub is so cute!

Another wonderful week in pictures! I loved the power of the rhino and the intensity of the long crested eagle photos. But my favorite has to be that honey badger. What a treat to see. In the process of Identifying animals on zooniverse ( many enjoyable lockdown hrs) I only ever came across one short film clip of a honey badger. So thanks for sharing your photo!

Brilliant photos this week, everyone! Can’t name a fav – they’re all special. Thank you!

Is there just 2 Plains Camp males?

Great collection of photos this week Londolozi team! Great to see the Ximungwe Female doing well with her current cub and interesting that her previous son is doing well as well! Is the Ximungwe Female the only leopardess that the Senegal Bush Male has potentially sired cubs with or are there other females within his territory?

The expression on the face of the badger is perfection.

Sean, Spectacular images as always! We love the close up of the Rhino, the Giraffe silhouette and super-rare Honey Badger!

A wonderful game drive for those of us who wish we were there to share! The wild dog pups are always great to see and to follow the pack on a hunt is exhilarating ! The honey badger was a treat as i don’t think we ever saw one! Thank you!!! Victoria

A really great TWIP Sean. Excellent pics and the rhino one stood out. Loved the giraffes in the sunset also. Every time I see the wild dogs I have to have a bit of a laugh at their huge ears – even the pups have big ears. All the better to hear you with as the sayng goes. Thanks for sharing, all good.

I have so many photos that I added as my favorites. I really do like the Rhino and the Honey Badger. I enjoy the leopards for their beautiful colors in the sun. The lions tell a story by there presence in their walking, sitting, or listening. Thanks for the photos this week.

How many wild dog pups down in the southern area den now?

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Awesome pics this week! Absolutely love the pic of the rhino!!! 👌🏼 I also love the honey badger, don’t often see that!

What fabulous photographs Sean. Some real gems. Can’t decide between the giraffe, rhino or badger. Certainly the latter is a lot more relaxed than the one Peter and Guy saved last year. That was epic and very brave !! Thanks as always for another wonderful week in pictures 🙏❤️

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