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Sam Zeederberg

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Sam was born in Cape Town and pursued studies in Therapeutic Reflexology, Meridian Therapy, Shiatsu, Reiki and Yoga Therapy. While working as a Bodywork Therapist in and around the Cape, her main passion lay in teaching children and young adult's yoga and mindfulness ...

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on Safari Yoga For The Whole Family – The Benefits of Learning from Wildlife

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Sam, Thanks for sharing such a fun story. What a great idea to get families together like that. We will definitely try it on our next visit when we will hopefully have some of our younger generation with us!

It is such a great pleasure Michael and Terri ! It will be wonderful to have you all with us again and create some new memories. We look forward to it!

Sam, yoga is my favorite form of movement. I won’t call it exercise as I don’t move quite as well as I used too but, it is the one form of body work that is still available to me as I grow older. Thanks for sharing and reminding me how beneficial even a small amount of movement can be.

Hello William- how wonderful that you have committed to keeping yourself moving and healthy, irrespective of how different it becomes as our bodies change over time. Keep it up and you are always welcome to join when you visit us again.

My granddaughter, Jordan, 11 years old now, and I do yoga. We both love it and have planned a trip to Londolozi next June 2022. Can’t wait to do yoga with her there and visit the Wellness Center which was not in full swing when I was last there.

Hi Linda – that is so special that you practice with Jordan ! We look forward to seeing you both next year 🙂

Yoga class for the whole family – what a great idea! Stretch and bend like a wild cat or a posture like a butterfly’s, this is just so good.
And Londolozi has such a beautiful Healing House.

Hi Christa ! It is proof that we don’t have to lose our imaginations as we grow older. We hope to see you visiting us soon!

I am sure it would be fun to have the whole family doing yoga or any sport together. It brings the family members closer to one another. In the open air any sport or exercise could be practiced freely, and it would be perfect for the whole family to participate.

Hi Valmai- yes absolutely! It certainly generates a deeper sense of bonding and is a healthy way to have fun together. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Our family (wife and me) had a wonderful initial yoga experience with Sam last week. Her approach is so inviting that it’s easy to put any hesitancy behind you. The hour outdoor experience passed so quickly.

Hello Vin- it was such a great pleasure sharing the beautiful space with you and your lovely lady. Thank you for joining and for all of the laughs. It was so special to share with you both !

This story makes my heart smile. If I had children, I would definitely take them to yoga classes. It’s such a great activity for the while family to do together while supporting whole being health and wellness.

It is such an amazing activity to do for the children and recommended for all.

Hi Chelsea – thanks for your input. It is so important to find healthy ways to enjoy ourselves and outlet through fun. It can be just as wonderful with your friends if you don’t have children 🙂

A really nice feel good blog Sam. Nice that you can get an entire family to come and do/learn yoga. It is a great relaxing form of exercise. Thank you so much for sharing with us – enjoyed it.

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