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Robbie developed a passion for the African bush from many visits to his family’s small holding in a greater conservancy just outside Johannesburg. Living in the big city his whole life, he always found refuge in the outdoors and has grown to appreciate ...

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on Clash Of The Titans

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This pride are buffalo killers, I remember watching them live on WE somewhere back in 2019 or so. Thanks for the story. Take care they may blow away your jeep)

Thank you for the heads up Kirill, they actually did come quite close to doing just that…

Hi Robert, I would shed a tear as well. As Joy Adamson wrote in her “Queen of Shaba” while hearing lions killing a buffalo “why does nature have to be so cruel”? Well it surely is one of the utmost dramatic experience. I can only imagine how you felt when the buffalo looked at you… wonderfully rendered through great pictures an real drama without sound

Nature is brutal, but at the end of the day, such is they way of life out in the wild.

Robert that really pulled on my heart strings to see that huge bull buffalo being brought down by those 12 lions, tormenting him and biting him from behind. Shame I really felt sorry for him. I have respect for both the lions and buffalo’s, in their own right, but that is as you say Robert , brutally raw in nature. I am sure that sight will stay with you forever. Thanks for sharing this experience, we don’t always realize how brutal it can be.

You’re welcome, Valmai. I’m glad you enjoyed sharing in the experience with me.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thanks for your blog post. I really enjoyed! Reminded me of all my years working in the bush in South Africa. Hope to visit when I’m again in South Africa.

You’re welcome, Paul. We’d love to welcome you upon your return!

A brutally honest photo/essay on one of nature’s most iconic moments of beast vs beast. Not pretty to watch nor to reflect upon later, but it all makes sense in the law of the wild. It’s a fascinating process to watch, 12 lions, each knowing what their role must be for the ultimate takedown. Thank you.

You’re welcome, Denise. An iconic rivalry indeed.

That’ll teach buffalo to wander away from the herd.

Robert, thanks for sharing this story and the pictures. Natures fullness on display with two of the most iconic beasts in our world. There was nothing easy about watching and for you more directly experiencing this event. Again, thanks for posting.

You’re welcome, William. I’m glad you enjoyed sharing in this experience with me.

A pride of lions killing a grown buffalo is certainly one of the most cruel and brutal things happening out there in the bush and the most heart wrenching. Of course, it’s the lions’ nature to kill and the buffalos’ to defend themselves as best they can as you wrote in your headline: a clash of titans.
I enjoy watching the hunting skills of lions, their cleverness and audacity, but not the killing. Thus I like it best if such a hunt fails. But this does not feed the lions, so… predator and prey an everlasting mystery.

What you have described Christa, is the never-ending ebb and flow between predator and prey. On any other day those lions may have failed, but not this time.

I understand your tear. I had a similar experience with that same pride with the a buffalo about 4-5 years ago. It took them over 2 hours to kill the buffalo. I won’t forget the sounds of the buffalo.

I’m sure it’s an experience you will never forget, Linda.

An interesting blog Robert. I am afraid I didn”t have the insides to watch the video though. I can imagine the scene and in a way I can understand that this is nature. I am afraid I am too soft when it comes to watching that. Guess I would not be good on a safari. Thanks for sharing though.

These scenes aren’t for everyone. I made sure to check with everyone on the vehicle before going into the sighting to make sure they were comfortable with what was around the corner…

Robert thanks for responding to my comment. I just want to tell you that my comment was not mean’t as a criticism and there are many who go on safari that thrive on the “action”. I applaud them for being so brave. Unfortunately I am an animal softie and turn off some stuff on the nature programs I watch. I really do enjoy the videos and blogs from Londolozi – you are all a fantastic group of people and I thank you all.

Robert, Thanks for the “real life” story. As hard as it is to watch, it’s the real world in the bush! Your compassion is clear and your emotion made us feel like we were along for the ride with you!

You’re welcome! I’m glad you enjoyed feeling like you were alongside me in the experience!

Wow, it must have been an amazing sight to view so many lions on such a tough kill. Your commentary is excellent and really tells the story of observing such an amazingly tough act of nature. The survival of the lions and how they feed off of so many species in the bush, for their own survival. Thanks for sharing your experience in such detail.

You’re welcome, Joel. They really are such amazing, apex predators and never cease to amaze me.

Reminds me of our sighting last week with a pack of wild dogs tearing into a baby giraffe. It’s easier to appreciate after some time passes. but in the moment…

There are so many emotions in the moment its quite hard to put your finger on exactly what you’re feeling!

I’m not sure I could sit and watch the slow painful death of a huge buffalo, so outnumbered…but this is nature as you say in its rare form and one we should respect, in being as nature intended it to be.

It’s not for all… I did however make sure that everyone on the vehicle had the stomach for that sighting before driving in


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