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on How Fast is a Cheetah Really?

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Representing Londolozi, Cheetah wins Gold Medal 🥇 for the standing broad jump with a twist. She met a new Olympic record for surviving using the stotting method. From the side lines, the Impalas are not impressed and move on.

Brilliant commentary Linda. Thankfully for the amazing reactions of the cheetah, she got away with her life.

Thank you Sean i love cheetah to bits i feel a sort of empathy with those frail and resilient animals at the same time. They are the jolly of the savannahs. I am relieved they survive every time i hear good news on them my heart fills with joy

I am so glad we could help fill your heart with joy as we bring you more good news on the cheetahs. 

Sean, Great catch. BTW can you update us on the progress of the Ostrich family?
Thank you

Hi Andrew and Daniel, yes sure. Currently, I believe that there are five youngsters from last year’s clutch that have survived and have been roaming the open grasslands. The male has been seen and I am sure will have mated with some of the females so we would expect to find a nest or two soon.

This was an amazing scene to witness! Thanks for making that possible. We have been enjoying your Virtual Safaris every week too. You had ‘big shoes’ to fill, but you are doing a great job!

Thank you so much, Darlene. They were so enormous shoes to fill so thank you for your support.

Ps i nearly lost this post! Than found it in my emails thankfully ! I couldn’t miss it

I am so glad you found it, Francesca.

Agility + split-second timing = life saving maneuver! Just goes to show experience is essential to survival with a a bit of luck thrown in for good measure. Nice to see again.

Experience goes a long way in survival out here, but there is also a huge amount of luck involved as well.

Sean, that is one of the most incredible videos ever! Seeing that Cheetah jump that high in the air was just incredible! How lucky to have caught that on video!

Thank you, Michael and Terri, it was an amazing sighting and I am so glad I was able to be there and capture the whole thing on film to then be able to share it with everyone.

This was indeed a very close encounter for the cheetah and extremely exciting to watch for the blog fans.
These cheetah are such beautiful animals. By the way: are they still around in Londolozi’s area or have they moved on?

Cheetahs are magnificent animals. I am so glad that she managed to get away without being caught. I believe that they have split up and the two sons are still together, somewhere north of Mala Mala and the mother has been seen in our southern reaches.

Really phenomenal sighting! Glad that she was able to get away so perfectly and nice to have the full back story behind the video!

Thank you, Lisa. It was truly an incredible sighting.

I’ll never forget the video of a cheetah getting caught and dragged under by a croc at another location as mom and sibling watched and could do nothing. I understand a crocs gotta eat too but it was gut wrenching 🙁 Glad this mamma got away!

Hi Anita, I know that was so tragic. Thankfully this cheetah got away.

Cheetah is my absolute favorite animal! Tremendous athleticism with speed combined with a fair amount of strength.
We were fortunate to have had a fantastic male cheetah sighting during our lengthy visit last week.
Keep up the good work Sean-I totally enjoy the storylines.

Thank you, Vin. It was amazing to see you again. I hope you got home safely and look forward to seeing you again soon. Cheetah are remarkable athletes and thankfully so.

She was extremely lucky to escape those locking jaws and big teeth. It looked as if she was running on the water and the high jump she gave, it is out of this world, she deserves a medal. So glad she could escape safely. Stunning video Sean. You have mastered this blog now and you are doing exceptionally well.

Valmai, it really did look as though she ran on the top of the water to get away from the crocodile.
Thank you very much. I am so glad it is all coming together.

What incredible luck to have witnessed AND captured the moment for us to enjoy Sean ! The side of luck was certainly with the mother too 🙏❤️. Have watched the footage over and over in total awe of her agility and speed. Simply amazing thanks ‼️

It was truly an amazing sighting to have witnessed and being lucky to capture it all to share with everyone else. She definitely shows such incredible athleticism.

Sean that was a VERY interesting and exciting blog to read with the video showing us exactly what happened. Truly amazing to see and certainly not an “every day” occurrence” ! We see a little of the life of the animals in the Bush. Just imagine all the scenes we DON’T see? Life in the Bush just keeps on going on. Wendy M Message from husband, Neil. : Would normally enter Cheetahs for the Sprints but can now add High Jump to their repertoire! Neil

It was such a phenomenal sighting and to share it all with you makes me so happy. I am sure that there must be so much more that goes on without us being around, and if only we could be there to witness and capture it all. But that is the best thing about it all, to be lucky enough to be in ht right place at the right time to see it all.

To Neil: Yes they should from now on be known as high jumpers as well.

That was a leap worthy of a. Olympic high jumper. Thanks for sharing! Victoria

Wow! That was close! I’m shocked she chose that spot. She could have ended up like the sub adult cheetah that got caught at the waters edge in the now famous YouTube video which showed the croc in a small pond in about 1’ of water catching a young cheetah that was not so lucky. Crocs are so dangerous when they are literally invisible in very shallow water.

Hi Mike, yes it was such a close call. Crocodiles are such stealthy hunters.

What amazing footage Sean!! The cheetah’s agility was truly something to behold. And you were certainly in the right place at the right time. Thank you for sharing this wonderful sight.

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