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Roxy is the secret behind anything design-orientated that happens at Londolozi. A brilliant artist, some of her drawings defy belief, and her work can be seen in almost every facet of the lodge's day-to-day workings, from event posters to the simple tweaking of ...

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on Have We Forgotten What Nature Looks Like?

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So beautiful thank you Roxy. We live first of all thanks to plants and flowers are soul healers besides food for pollinators and other animals and life for more plants. They give us so much we must treasure them

Thanks for this beautiful blog Rocky, you have a precious talent transferring vision into your painting talent. Nature is our reason for living, seeing, touching, smelling and hear the different sounds out in the bush is breathtaking.

Roxy, your work is beautiful and so inspiring when viewed. Thanks for creating and sharing these pictures showing nature at its purest moments.

Roxy, you are so gifted! Not only do you draw like an angel but your writing is stunning as well. This piece is so evocative that it reminded me of how much I relied on nature to help get me thru the pandemic. Feeding and housing all of my feathered and furry woodland friends truly kept my spirit alive. Thank you for this lovely piece.

Such a beautiful article.

The Plumbago Lady is exquisite Roxy🙏. It is as if she is gently calming the stormy sky with her whispering, bringing soft rain to feed the earth and it’s creatures….and peace 💓

Mother Nature Personified and Guardian of The Aloes are such beautiful pieces of art. Roxy you are a treasure and a blessing to Londolozi. Thank you for sharing you story and your art.

I like the concept, it gives meaning to everything, what life itself is about. We live our lives contributing to the universal existence, and we die, but the global soul lives on breathing new life to the inhabitants of our planet, earth.

Astonishing as always Roxy.

Roxy , what you have created for us is beautiful as well as quite spiritual, using your artistic skills in tandem with the soulful words of Silvana Franco. For me your artwork evokes strength, fragility, connection to earth, sky, whilst expressing flora and fauna. Fortunately I see nature in my daily surroundings, from my home mini nature reserve to watching the growth of the baby geese and ducks in the pond nearby. Each day I’m visited and entertained by Sampson, my furry friend in the body of a squirrel. I look forward to seeing the mural on my next visit!

So beautifully written Roxy and a great reminder that nature is indeed all around us.

As I watch the rain come down in my drought-stricken Arizona, this piece really touched me and made my day, especially the poem about Gaia. We must take better care of Mother Earth, as She is us and we are Her. Thank you.

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