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on Mandela Day 2021 – We Are Who We Have Been Waiting For

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Thank you for sharing this beautiful inspiring event

Amani iwe nawe 🙏💓🇿🇦

Senior Digital Ranger

Amanda, what an inspiring blog. With such concern and sadness this week for South Africa, all of which affects the region, it is great to see the communities coming together in the true spirit of Ubuntu. Thanks for reminding us of Nelson Mandela’s words of wisdom.

You make me proud to be a guest at times and a blog follower always.

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing this inspiring perspective on life and living as a unified humanity.

I admire Nelson Mandela; he certainly was one of the greatest and most forgiving personalities in the world.
It is a tragedy, I think, that at the moment all his teachings are forgotten and hatred rules the streets of South African cities.
This will-among lots of other things- hurt the economy even more and especially the tourist industry that gives work and hope to so many people and helps to save African animals. It has just recovered a bit from Corona and now this.
Is it possible to travel to South Africa in the near future?
It is very good to remind people of Mandela’s wisdom and greatness.

I am so glad to hear of people coming together to rebuild, clean, share, feed, and help.
Ubuntu – humanity to others. I am glad that what some meant for evil, the community has turned it around for the good. I think Nelson Mandela would be glad to see all of his nation coming together as you celebrate his birthday.

What a wonderful day to celebrate‘ coming together’ rather than pulling apart! Nelson Mandela understood that so well or so it seems from what I have read. God bless South Africa!

Amanda this is truly a profound blog. It made tears well up in my eyes. Madiba truly was a great man and had many words of wisdom and love for his country. I feel saddened to see the violence taking place and I know it hurts each and every citizen of South Africa and the African continent. It is heartwarming to hear that people of all different stripes are coming together to try and put back the pieces. I pray for you all that one day Mandela’s dream will come true and everyone will live in peace and harmony. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Amanda, I was moved to tears reading your post as well as re-reading the words of Nelson Mandela. It has been difficult to read the news of the rioting occurring in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal but I do believe that the Ubuntu spirit will unite rather than divide.
I joyfully donate 67 minutes of service as well as $67 in support of GWF. To all of you in South Africa, Ubuntu!

Beautiful blog Amanda, this past week was terrible for South Africa. May each person search in themselves and better themselves with the Love of God. There is a place for each and everyone in this world. No matter what color and creed we must build South Africa up to be a loving, kind and friendly Nation towards each other. God Bless.

Stunning blog! Makes me so proud to be part of Londolozi and all that it stands for.

Amanda, Thank you for your brilliant story! We read through Madiba’s speech three times in order to appreciate his inspiring words and unbounding passion! We send our prayers and hope for a more united South Africa to all of you.

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