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Dean was a guide at Londolozi from 2018 to 2022. He grew up in Johannesburg and it was from his very first trip to the bush at the age of two that he was captivated by this environment (he claims he can remember ...

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on The Week in Pictures #491

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Dean, I loved leopard🤗, lions 🤗, I loved rhino

I think you succeeded in showing why you are so lucky to live and work at Londolozi! loved all the pictures and especially the variety of animals, birds and the magnificent sunrise. thank you Victori

Dean, I really enjoyed TWIP. The images captured are beautiful.

Yeah it’s big cat day! These pictures surpass many. I can’t stop looking at the cubs and the magnificent adults… wonderful atmosphere and colours. Do lionesses behave more like leopards? Maybe leopards will behave a bit like lions in the future? So happy to see rare gorgeous adult males lions leopards rhino and elephant!

Dean, what an awesome set of images this week! We added some to our favorites. We are happy that our Mashaba is active again, and always hope for her to have a successful litter! The image of Ximungwe crossing the airstrip is cool. It would be fun to superimpose her over the famous Beatles walk photo in London! The giraffe and its reflection is a classic. All in all a great ‘best of ‘set of images. Congrats!

WOW, lovely TWIP again.

Wow! What a great TWIP! Love all the photos and your enthusiasm! The lioness in the tree is beautiful and exciting, but of course, that sight makes me worry for all the beautiful leopards! Thanks for a terrific TWIP, Dean!

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Darlene, I totally agree! The first thing I thought was – those poor leopards!!

Incredible image of the Ntsevu female poised in the tree!
Is the Tsalala pride more visible than previously?

Striking photo of the owl! Thanks.

Great set of pics Dean, so great to see Nkoveni’s cub

Senior Digital Ranger

Awesome photos Dean!!! Hopefully you can show us all this when our family returns in 2023!

Senior Digital Ranger

Dean, this week’s photos are spectacular. So many wonderful creatures to see. And your photography skills are just amazing! Thank you again for sharing… and yes… I would have to pinch myself everyday!!!

Love the photos this week which convey the sense of beauty and wonder you spoke of. The sunrise, snake eagle and Nkuwa leopard are special favorites. And of course the Othawa lion. What a majestic looking lion!

Such great photos, Dean. Every single one is just wonderful. Thanks

Dean all your foto’s are absolutely stunning. Othawa lion is such a majestic male lion and he earns respect from all around. Loved the leopard foto’s and so excited that Mashaba female and Senegal bush male are mating. That means more cubs for us to see. You are so privileged to live and work in Londolozi, such a paradise of animals and birds. Lovely foto of the Ntsevu lioness in the tree. Gorgeous foto of the Ximungwe female crossing the airstrip. Loved the owl as well, we have the spotted eagle owl pair here behind our house. The Tsalala lioness looks as if she is smiling, good to see them again. Gorgeous foto of the Nkoveni females cubs, so cute. STUNNING FOTO’S DEAN.

I especially love the elephant having a dust bath and walking in the sunset. Magical.

Thanks Dean for an amazing TWIP, impossible to pick a favourite. Love your sunrise and sunset photos, and lovely to see Nkuwa, haven’t seen or heard anything of her (or Finfoot) for ages. Yes, you are very lucky and that includes seeing the eagle-owl so close up. I’ve only seen 1 owl during my 10 visits (a little spotted ) – hopefully if I can make it back in August I might increase this!

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Wow!!!! You have certainly outdone yourself for TWIP! Probably my most favourite thus far! Oh I’d give anything to be there in the bush too, soaking up every second of its magic and beauty. Absolutely loved the hornbill, the Nkoveni female and her cub, the exquisite sunset, the giraffe drinking by the water – and that adorable pose by a Tsalala lioness is just priceless! The bee-eater is beautiful too. Thanks for spoiling us this week. Just wish I could be there to experience it in person! Fingers crossed, one day soon!

Well Dean, you’ve surpassed your last TWIP. There is no “best photo” – all are wonderful in their own way. As far as including the image of one of the Ntsevu lionesses in the tree, I know this is a common occurrence in Eastern Africa, Kenya/Tanzania but I don’t believe they ascend to steal a kill, but to keep cool and away from from the annoying flies. I hope this is an anomaly and not going to be a regular occurrence. It’s difficult enough for a leopard to make a kill and keep it away from the hyenas. Thanks for another pictorial/informative week!

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Even by the very high standards go TWIP these are crackers

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What a week you’ve had Dean!
First, you’re ability to capture the Othawa male as you did,.. He is Magnificent! You can literally see his “lifetime” within his facial profile.
Next, It goes without saying, regarding the Ntsevu and Tsalala Lionesses. They are the “Pride and Joy” of the territory.
All the while, the Knoveni cubs are precious! I don’t know why, but both the mom and the cubs paws stand out! They’re huge! They look “prepared for their life travels.”
The rest of the compilation of pictures for the week present how your cup was filled up, brimming with once in a lifetime memories for you to never forget, as your “blessed energy” can be felt.
Thank you for sharing your heart filled passion through the deliverance of your generosity!

Stunningly beautiful images each and everyone.

Reading this now after hearing of Ottawa’s death….makes it especially poignant and tragic. He was a magnificent lion…..

It’s been a busy week for me, but not quite as magnificent as yours Dean…consequently I’m just catching up. Outstanding photographs Dean !!!!! 💗The one that stands out will definitely be the Othawa lion after the tragic news of his death…. this shot will be forever remembered for the magnificent, bold lion he was. 😥💗🙏🏻

Fabulous and richly varied array of images in TWIP Dean! To many favs to mention, but all brilliant!!

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