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Christina is the Wellness Co-Ordinator of the Londolozi Healing House. With 22 years in the health and wellness industry, she has studied multiple healing modalities but specialises in intensive body work, yoga and breath therapy. She combines wilderness and wellness in a unique ...

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on Moving From Stillness

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Wow that was fantastic Christina, I felt so relieved and relaxed after doing the box breath excercise with you. I surely will do it again and again. Thank you so much for that excercise.

I am so glad that you enjoyed it Valmai 🙂

Christina, this is a wonderful way to start every day. Thanks for the box breath lesson to bring the calmness to the start of any activity.

Thank you William 🙂

Thank you Christina!

Christina, I loved all the photos🤗

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful day for this reminder. Love these inhale, exhale photos. I want a set!

Thank you Ginger. They are the genius of our in house artist Roxy Borough.

Because of the epidemic my yoga classes were canceled since a year ago. I miss them a lot. Thanks to you I find again at least this breath meditation which brings us so much wellness. Thanks Christina.
From Canada: Madeleine BP

Hello Madelaine
I am so glad you enjoyed the practice. Our breath is such a beautiful key to better wellbeing. I hope you can find a good online teacher to keep yourself in your practice. We need it now more than ever before. x


Christina this is an interesting blog. Many years ago I read an article which basically said what you did. The article was actually a way to relax if you have trouble falling asleep. You concentrate on each part of your body from the feet up. Thank you for this blog. It actually does work. Be well and stay safe.

Thank you Leonie
Yes you are correct this technique is also a very good remedy for insomnia.

Christina, thank you for this reminder to relax and breathe, in order to reach a state of mindfulness. I haven’t forgotten my time on my deck where I truly experienced that place for the first time. Thank you 🙏

Hello Denise!
What a magical time that was on your private Founders deck . I hope you have filled up your cup from the wilderness and settled safely back home. xx

Lovely exercise Christina! Thanks so much for nourishing our hearts and souls.

Christina, I tried you box breath before dealing with a tense business call. It helped, and the called went my way. Thanks 😀

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