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Christina is the Wellness Co-Ordinator of the Londolozi Healing House. With 22 years in the health and wellness industry, she has studied multiple healing modalities but specialises in intensive body work, yoga and breath therapy. She combines wilderness and wellness in a unique ...

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on Your Heart Can Change The World

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Dear Christina thank you from the bottom of my heart. In this time of fear your advice is very appreciated!

Thank you Francesca. Wishing your heart a calm confidence in the face of all the fear xx

I did the heart coherence breathing with you on the audio privided. Absolutely fantastic and totally relaxed aftert that exercise. Forsure you must tap into your heart intelligence. Well explained and presented, thank you Christina.

Thank you Valmai, I am so glad that you enjoyed the exercise !

Christina, I loved all the cards🤗

I am so glad Joan. Our very talented Roxy and creative team are a dream with their creations.

Thank you for the guidance.

Magnificent exercise! Christina, thank you for this wonderful connection between the natural world all around and our hearts!

Thank you William!

one of the highlights of any visit to Londolozi is a visit to the Healing House. A 90 minute massage puts everything right. By the way I still am hoarding some of the fabulous bath you have in the houses! I save them for special moments. with a little luck we may be able to come again when the pandemic is conquered! Thank you Victoria

Hello Victoria 🙂 We hope to see you again soon. So glad that you are still enjoying some Londolozi scents in your own home. Those home rituals are essential for the peace of the heart x

Thank you for this interesting blog Christina. This makes a lot of sense. I shall try to do this following your instructions. Thank you for sharing with us. Good advice.

Thank you for your kind words Leoni
Enjoy the exercises as they become a daily practice 🙂

Wonderful post and I really loved the Heart Coherence breathing exercise. Thank you Christina!!

Thank you Paul
I am so glad you are enjoying the practices. Keep them up 🙂


Beautiful! And so wonderful to be reminded that our hearts are the key to so much!

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