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Ximungwe 5:3 Female

Ximungwe 5:3 Female

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Guy worked as a ranger for Londolozi from 2017 until the end of 2021. He grew up in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. From a young age he visited the bush each holiday. It was during these early years that his passion and interest was ...

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on Does the Ximungwe Female Have Cubs?

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These lovely pictures made my day! A sure sign that spring has come… Good luck to that beautiful and caring mum!

Master Tracker

Fingers crossed for more cute photos

Love your leopards but I came under the charm of Tsalala and her surviving daughter who should be 2 years old now. Can you tell me if they are still alive. Hope to see them in September during our stay

Hi Roger, yes they were both seen last week and doing very well. Her female offspring has grown to nearly😍 the size of her mother.

How exciting, Guy! Who did you see her mating with, and how long ago was that?

Hi Suzanne, I saw her mating with the Senegal bush male. she has also been mating with him over the last few days as well.

Thanks Guy – but if she’s been mating recently, it doesn’t sound like good news for the cubs?

Guy, I loved the leopard

Guy, I loved the leopard🤗

Thank you Joan.

The Ximungwe Female Leopard carries a very attractive face. As does her sister. Let’s hope she is nursing Cubs and will carry the line forward. Shadrack and Guy were our first Ranger and Tracker Team. Great memories and hope to catch up on the next visit.

Hello Susan, I hope you are keeping very well. I must agree with you, she does have a very attractive face and I’m sure there will be more litters to come. Hopefully she will be as successful as her first litter. I look forward to having you back to visit us soon. Do you know when you are coming back?

I hope so! Are there currently any cubs still under the care of their mothers? I can’t recall having seen any mentioned for awhile, it maybe it’s just me.

HI Chelsea, the most recent have been the piccadilly female and the makomsava female who had cubs. We still not to sure about the Ximungwe Female as we thought we had found the den but there has been no further signs. To answer your question, at the moment its only the piccadilly youngster who has been seen in the north.

Guy, what an exciting update. We agree that it would make sense that she might have cubs after successfully letting go of the young male that she cut loose. We will look forward to further updates and have no doubt that you will find the answers!

Hi Michael and Terri, the search is still on. With the bush being so incredibly thick it certainly makes finding dens slightly more challenging, let alone leopards. I trust you are both keeping well.

Lovely that you have found her again Guy. Hoping too to get a glimpse (on camera) of a new litter very soon 🙏🏻💗💗

That is so exciting I can not wait to see if she has cubs, that would be absolutely wonderful. She is so beautiful, can just imagine how gorgeous the cubs would be. Wonderful sighting thanks Guy.

Look forward to the next chapter. She was one of the first cubs I ever saw,

Beautiful images Guy!

The pictures of mother and cubs are so cute! I do hope that she will have new little ones.

Senior Digital Ranger

What happened to the leopards other cub

Are you meaning her previous litter?

Great post Guy, and exciting news, potentially, for the Ximungue female and you all at Londolozi! Looking forward to hearing any progress, and best of luck to the newly independent Ximungue young male as he figures out how to survive on his own!

We thought we had found her den as two of the rangers and trackers followed her back to some rocky boulders but we have had no further sign of any cubs there. So, We are still searching and if something changes I’m sure there will be an update.

Thank you Guy! Will stay tuned!

That sounds like very good news indeed. I enjoyed the photos with the two cubs…..because I was at that sighting too! Many great memories from that morning.

Sorry for the late reply Al, I remember you being in that sighting with us. Some great memories. Hopefully we will be able to share more when you are able to travel again.

Can’t wait to find out about new little spotties!

Fingers crossed the Ximungwe female has indeed birthed cubs. It’s been just over two years since I was with you and Shadrack, viewing her tiny, fluffy cubs that were tucked into a rocky alcove, with binoculars. I’m arriving in just weeks now so perhaps if she does have little ones, they will be old enough to view more easily. Great tracking you two!!

Hello Denise, We unfortunately have not had any further sign of the cubs but she has been seen mating again so we are still unsure of the outcome. I look forward to catching uo when you return. What dates are you going to be here?

Hello Guy! I return to Founders Camp,April 1, for a week – I’m so thrilled to be returning, getting out into the property to explore and breathe fresh African air!

Can’t wait to be updated!!

She is such an beautiful leopard. I can’t wait to get an update, and hopefully it is a positive outcome “which mean cubs”. Field Guide Guy, what does Ximungwe mean? And I hope her son will make it out there on it’s own. Thank you for the blog!

Hello Wian, we are still unsure about the outcome but with recent sightings of her mating again it could mean she may have lost them, or she is trying to keep the male away. Ximungwe means bateleur – a lot of the leopards birthed on our property have a name given to them with some meaning, either from the area on the property where they we’re born or features about them that make them stand out.

Hi there Guy. Thanks so much for this. She is a really LOVELY looking Leopard, isn’t she? We hope to see pics of her with (hopefully) her latest litter one of these days! Wendy M

Happy to have my lover back after 3 months of breakup, thanks E-mail: Robinsonbuckler11 (@) gmail com…

This is exciting! I am just catching up on posts so hopefully I will get to one with cubs!

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