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Flat Rock 3:2 Male

Flat Rock 3:2 Male

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Mashaba 3:3 Female

Mashaba 3:3 Female

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Guy Brunskill

Alumni Ranger

Guy worked as a ranger for Londolozi from 2017 until the end of 2021. He grew up in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal. From a young age he visited the bush each holiday. It was during these early years that his passion and interest was ...

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on The Week in Pictures #474

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Fantastic pictures Guy. Love all the cats.

Me too

Lots of wonderful photos again, Guy, especially loved the ellies and the mating leopards. A question for you – I think the Xinzele female had an older sibling (born Spring 2014) who was known as the Ingrid Dam 5:5 young female. Do you know if she is still around?

Hi Suzanne, we have not seen her for a long period of time. If I’m not mistaken she has been spending time in northern singita and north of our property.

Xinzele’s older sister is Xidulu who resides more north into Arathusa and Djuma. Xidulu has already raised Cara (age 2), and has also lost a recent litter of cubs to hyenas. She has been seen mating again with the Tortoise Pan male

Thank you Lisa, that’s really interesting. And mating with Tortoise Pan! – probably my 2nd favourite leopard, his mother Ndzanzeni is definitely no.1 but haven’t heard anything about her for a very long time). If he fathers her cubs, they’ll have Londolozi royalty heritage.

Guy, I loved the photos, especially lion, and also saved the leopard🤗

Incredible variety of beautiful photos Guy. ..with Cheetah too! How wonderful 🙏💗

Fantastic pictures with the cheetah cub as the ice on the cake! Bravo!

Senior Digital Ranger

What a fabulous TWIP – thank you Guy!

Digital Ranger

Nice pictures at all, stay safe!

Wonderful array of excellent images this week. Thanks, Guy!

Loved the photo of the Chinspot on her nest.

Wonderful photos! I love all of them.

Great week in pictures- lovely to see the Cheetahs being featured again. I loved the nest frog shot too! I was surprised to see the Chameleon that color – I thought they were normally green unless threatened?

Majority of the time we do see them when they are green but during times of stress they will change color and we never to sure what it may have encountered or been through to cause it to change colour.

Hello Guy! Thank you for this week in pictures. There were many beautiful ones… your pictures are very artistic! I especially liked the herd of elephants that played and splashed around must have been a wonderful sight!

Thank you very much Ann.

Beautiful photos. Just curious – why does the female cheetah and her cubs have that tufting hair on the back of their necks. Some don’t.

All cheetahs have that tuft of fur on the spine of their body. In cubs it’s often more prominent but the females is showing more most likely because of her shoulder blades being closer together while drinking. This hair will often become raised when threatened.

The Senegal bush male leopard is such a beautiful leopard, so proud and strong. So glad the Flat rock male and Xinzele female have mated, hopefully soon there will be cubs. The wildebeest calves are gorgeous and staying close to mom to suckle. How wonderful to see elephants playing in the water. The eyes of the Birmingham male penetrates right through you. Cheetah cubs are so beautiful and nearly the same size as mom. What a wonderful week in pictures. Thank you.

Guy, Thanks for the update! Your images are fantastic! Love the twist you are putting on some of them. The B&W of the Buffalo is really unique. Keep them coming!

Love all the green and the water! Interesting TWIP! Thanks for sharing!

HI Guy! Great selection this week! Love the ones of the Senegal Bush Male and the lions especially! Has the Ntsevu Pride lost the young cubs? Last photos I saw of them they were beginning to show signs of mange and have not seen any recently. Other than the Mashaba, Three Rivers, and Ximungwe Females, has the Senegal Bush Male mated with any of the other females?

Hello Michael, thank you. The young cubs unfortunately are no longer. Mange in cubs of the age usually ends up being fatal and they could not keep up. We have not seen him mating with any other females that I can think of. I’m sure the plaque rock female will look to mate with him in time to come.

Loved the photo of the cheetahs–glad they’re still around. Having a lion look directly into one’s eyes definitely sends a chill.

You’ve a wonderful collection of images this week-some quite creative and others totally classic, like the Birmingham male. It’s good to see you pushing the bar higher in finding more interesting and unique shots. Personally I like the body parts of animals isolated such as your leopard paws and tail. As I recall, isn’t the Tavangumi male the offspring of the Schotia female? Also, is the Tortoise Pan male still roaming in search of a permanent territory? Thanks Guy!

Great pictures Guy! Any news of Mashaba? Did they have any new cubs with Kunyuma after the last one had been sadly lost?

Cannot wait to see the Xinzele/Flat Rock cubbies!

Terrific array of photos this week Guy! Amongst all the great big-cat photos, I love seeing the cheetahs!!

I love the cheetah photo, Thank you

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